Lisbon Challenge Success Stories Chapter IV – eatTasty

August 12, 2018

Food has never been more trendy and business around it is exploding. Food is on prime-time tv, online influencers have made their careers around it, chefs are the new rockstars and suddenly everyone is calling themselves a ‘foodie’. The plethora of opportunities arising as a result of this did not go unnoticed by the founders of EatTasty, Rui and Orlando.

When Amalie Naustdal, our former Communications Manager, spoke with them, they told her that they applied to Lisbon Challenge as a means for early-stage testing their product and service, as well as to connect with people who had experience in doing what they were trying to do. Four weeks into the accelerator, they started selling their product. They did not have a website up and running, but managed to sell to four different companies using WhatsApp and Typeform, publishing the daily menu in the WhatsApp group from each company.

The acceleration program also provided them with access to a large network of investors. They also developed a network with big companies in Lisbon to offer their services to. Winning Lisbon Challenge meant an investment from Caixa Capital, as well as Bright Pixel investing in them during the program.

In the early development stages, they focused on the supply side of the service, getting partners throughout the supply chain and building the product with high-profile chefs. They have tried to remain focused on the main challenges to not get ahead of themselves. Taking it one step at a time. During Lisbon Challenge, they were careful on deciding which workshops to attend, which mentors to meet and which investors to pursue, not to waste any time and only focus on what was relevant to them.

The current goal is to double sales within Lisbon. With 3,000 registered users, they believe the key is to grow the customer base within their existing areas of Lisbon. Afterwards, they plan on expanding to new neighbourhoods, before expanding across borders.