Lisbon Challenge Success Stories Chapter III – Remidi

August 12, 2018

Andrea Baldereschi, founder of Remidi, had an idea – a sensor suite embedded into a glove, allowing you to tap and alter sounds with the twist of your wrist – but having an idea of a product and having an idea of a business are two totally different things.

Lisbon Challenge was their first encounter with the world of startups and helped them understand how to build a company. It was a huge first milestone, and after that, they claim they evolved a lot.

The acceleration program gave them insights into venture capital and investments, what challenges they must prepare to face, how to build a team and how to make themselves credible, to gain the trust of consumers, investors and collaborators.

After all this time, Lisbon Challenge’s network still supports them, makes important introductions and helps them when they need it. But most importantly, it helped them advance their business. Techstars came after Lisbon Challenge, where they’ve created an environment and network to support them and their development abroad.

The hardest challenge faced by the team so far was turning the prototype into a final product. To create a product to be manufactured into hundreds of thousands of units is something entirely different to the creation of an early stage product, and the team lacked the experience. Despite the challenge, they recently shipped the first batch of 600 products to final customers.

As for the future of the products, Remidi has several new ideas in the pipeline for the range of customers, soon to be revealed. Just wait for the next chapter.