Re_source: a successful program and a sustainable Demo Day

December 14, 2021

“This partnership with Beta-i brought us extraordinary results, because we got to the end with solutions that actually solve critical and real problems and are aligned with Sociedade Ponto Verde’s strategic goals.” 

Ana Trigo Morais, CEO at Sociedade Ponto Verde.

The Demo Day of re_source program marked the end of this pioneer edition in taking the next level of circular economy.  It was also the time to show the collaborative work made between the startups and the pilot partners, throughout the last months: 

FYCH & Nestlé | Tratolixo | Sociedade Ponto Verde

Startup FYCH, from Spain, is fighting the lack of structure to recycle multilayer packaging and the negative impacts that this gap has for brands. The innovators at FYCH are doing it together with Nestlé, Tratolixo and Sociedade Ponto Verde, by implementing – in recyclers of the Integrated System of Packaging Waste Management (SIGRE) – their delamination technology to separate the various layers of materials of these packages and enhance their recycling. 


FYCH & Lusoforma

This time partnering with Lusoforma, the startup has also tested its technology in the recycling of the lid of aluminum take-away products, which are composed of paper, plastic and aluminum, obtaining separation results of 100%.


Magnomer & Super Bock Group | Tratolixo

Magnomer is creating a pilot with the Super Bock Group. The project consists of creating labels with magnetized ink, meaning they can be more easily separated from the plastic, hence allowing for better packaging recycling. The solution from the North American startup can increase recycling levels by up to 20% and make Super Bock the first company in Portugal to apply 100% recyclable labels on its bottles. Tratolixo will also be a partner in the screening tests of these packages. 


Reath & Sociedade Ponto Verde | Super Bock Group

Coming all the way from Scotland, Reath has teamed up with Sociedade Ponto Verde and the Super Bock Group to monitor the packaging life cycle – through the creation of a digital passport to be placed on physical products. Overall, this solution will provide companies and consumers with the proper data on the usability and life cycle of a package and on which products are placed inside. Specifically to Sociedade Ponto Verde, it will allow the company to obtain information on non-reusable packaging placed on the market, as well as the necessary information to fill out the annual declaration (document that companies adhering to the Green Dot system fill out annually to report the total weight of this packaging).


Polytag & Lipor | Tratolixo | Sociedade Ponto Verde

Polytag, from the UK, has teamed up with Lipor, Tratolixo and Sociedade Ponto Verde to create a digital deposit return and rewards scheme in the Porto area.  Their solution will use Polytag’s “describe, tag and trace” technology to first tag products with unique identifiers. Then, it will allow consumers to scan the codes with a purpose-built application and claim their deposits in the comfort of their homes. All this, without having to use inconvenient and expensive vending machines. The packaging will be disposed of via their normal bin or communal container system, creating a cheaper, more convenient and effective deposit return scheme in the area.


MyResonance & Lusoforma | Lipor

Also from the UK, innovators at MyResonance are working together with Lusoforma and Lipor to implement a social network in Portugal. It should use gamification techniques to empower organizations to communicate, promote and engage their communities to take collective action around ESG-based initiatives. This would turn each person/user into a brand ambassador while positively building an online presence and identity to promote a cleaner world.

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