What we stand for:

Our Mission

Find new solutions to challenges that matter to society, economy, and business through collaborative innovation – connecting, embracing and empowering corporate, public institutions, startup entrepreneurs, researchers and social perspectives to do so.

Our Vision

To be globally recognized as a collaborative innovation benchmark company, renowned by connecting different ecosystem stakeholders and perspectives in order to enable a collective future embracing society, economy and business growth needs.

The Super Powers that rule it all.

This is how we chose to live and behave as a team. And we’re proud of it.

humaniaks icon


We’re humans at the heart of what we do.
[ human + maniacs ]

As enthusiasts about people, we assume that they come first.

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Empathy makes us “Beta-we”.
[ team + empathy ]

Acting as “we” is what a proper team does.

distinctify icon


Show the distinctive you.
[ distinctive + fy ]

Authenticity of one brings value to all.

ownershift icon


Own the shift you want to see
[ ownership + shift ]

it's up to you to make the changes you want to happen.

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Energize yourself through constant feedback.
[ feedback + energize ]

Helpful information boosts better results, always.

We are a group of resilient innovators.
Experts, managers, marketers.
In-person & digital.
Constantly reinventing ourselves.

We love to see our team grow!