Lisbon Challenge Success Stories Chapter V – doDoc

August 12, 2018

Carlos, Paulo, and Federico met at MIT. They collaborated on a project and were eager to continue working together in one way or another. However, they needed an idea.

The idea was to create an interface where the user simply inserts the input into a prespecified table without the need for coding. It didn’t win, but the idea remained, and later resurfaced during a brainstorming session between the three founders.

Two weeks later, they had a working prototype. They decided to commit themselves fully to the project to see if it could be something. Lisbon Challenge was the opportunity to take the leap of faith. An opportunity to validate the idea with a community of investors, mentors and potential customers. Before entering Lisbon Challenge, they had agreed that if no one showed interest they would quit the project.

During the program, they polished their presentation skills. This proved to be a useful skill, as a founder you are always pitching. To customers, investors, business partners, and employees. Yet, the most important aspect of the program was the community and network that came along with it. Techstars followed (after they worked their a**es off).

What’s their proudest accomplishment so far? The team.