Lisbon Challenge Success Stories Chapter II – Impraise

August 12, 2018

Impraise landed a Series A Investment of $10.6 Million last month (July, 2018). Impraise helps companies retain and engage key talent by empowering individuals to take ownership of their performance and development.

Impraise decided to join Lisbon Challenge after a Portuguese friend told them about the program. They landed in Lisbon without a technical co-founder so they created ‘startups meet developers’ and organized a meet up on the day they arrived, one day before Lisbon Challenge started. The night was a success, they met their co-founder Filipe, who quit his job to join the team two weeks after the meet up.

Lisbon Challenge ended up helping them understand what it meant to build a product, a company, and a team. They made it to the top 10 startups, chosen for an international Roadshow to London, New York, and Sao Paulo. After the Roadshow, they went back to Berlin to continue building Impraise with new experiences and learnings to guide them on their path.

After going back to Berlin, guess who called them? Yes, that’s right: Y Combinator. The interview was successful and they ended up joining the next batch of the accelerator. Amsterdam followed and even an office in New York.

Regarding their product it has been a continuous journey with big ideas on how to transform from an HR process to a coaching and communication tool – all that while struggling to maintain focus, their biggest challenge so far

Impraise is after now after expansion and getting new clients. They also have an advice for startups – future Lisbon Challenge startups included – ‘stay open and curious about the opinions of your team members and to challenge things.’