A Kid’s Dream by MOYUPI @Lisbon Challenge Startups

April 8, 2016

This article about Moyupi is part of the Lisbon Challenge series on each startup of the Spring ’16 edition – introducing you to each of the startups and what they are up to.

Moyupi knows you’ve been there. You remember having a billion ideas going through your mind at all moments, with just a thin layer between the real and the imaginary world. Eventually you started growing up and the world introduced you to all the rules, paradigms and behaviors you’re supposed to follow for the rest of your life.

Moyupi Startup Drawing ToyBut there was a before.. a before where there were no barriers, where almost everything could become possible. Where you had a different perspective about everything and you took notice of all the little things the grown-ups missed. Where you created characters and heroes in parallel universes and where every object could become something else entirely.

Imagination is the beginning of Creation and Creation was and is the key to a better future, for a more fulfilling life and to a higher level of performance at work.

From all the drawings and stories created, imagine how a child would feel if they saw one of their characters come to life. Their own hero with whom they could play – an exciting promise that not even videogames can presently match in a world that is becoming increasingly virtual.

MOYUPI makes a child’s dream come true by converting their drawings into real-life toys, through 3D-printing technology.


Juan Medina is the founder and together with Pedro Garcia, they’re working hard on their own dream fuelled by the touching reactions they witness when a child sees their toy for the very first time. They designed a platform where parents can submit their child’s drawings and Moyupi then works with a network of freelancers that includes designers, owners of 3D printers and painters to make all this happen.

At Lisbon Challenge, the  initial two-week bootcamp ends today and it’s great to see how much they have improved – they had so much feedback to absorb from all the workshops, mentors and other startups. It’s helped them in this phase which includes testing and adapting their business model, the packaging, a partnership strategy and how to approach the international market.


You can also be a part of this dream as it becomes a reality by joining their community and reaching out to Juan and Pedro on their Website and Facebook.