Pitch Deck Perfect at Protechting From Fidelidade & Fosun

April 11, 2016

As the start-ups from our corporate accelerator with Fidelidade and Fosun, Protechting, get ready to pitch at the final which will be held on Thursday in one of the auditoriums of Fidelidade, we thought it might be useful to highlight some of the best pitch decks out there, of companies that you most probably have heard of.

You can check out the a list of 38 here on StartupFundraising and there is also the site bestpitchdecks.com that has an even larger selection including Facebook’s first deck and Airbnb’s.

As you look through them you’ll see that they usually don’t have more than 20 slides and always cover the following topics:

  • Product / problem & solution
  • Business model
  • Market size
  • Team

There is no scientific way of creating THE pitch deck and you will hear many differing opinions – ultimately, like everything else in this process, it’s up to you – just make sure everyone understands you and your idea. Better to be rejected because people don’t see the value in your start-up than because they didn’t understand what you do.

Youtube pitch deck from Alexander Jarvis

[slideshare id=56558364&doc=youtubepitchdeck-151230174251]

BrandBoards demo day pitch deck from 500 Startups

[slideshare id=11141069&doc=brandboardsdemodaypitchdeck-120118131821-phpapp01]

Chewse Pitch Deck from NEEDMADE

[slideshare id=18142080&doc=chewsedeck-130205130100-phpapp02-130403212909-phpapp01]

Foursquare’s 1st Pitch Deck from Rami Al-Karmi

[slideshare id=10620782&doc=foursquare-1st-pitch-2009-111216233113-phpapp02]

Buzzfeed investor deck 2008 from Chris Ellis

[slideshare id=37911918&doc=buzzfeedinvestordeck2008-140812084757-phpapp01]