Lx Scala: the 1st International Scala Conference in Lisbon

March 15, 2016

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A couple of months ago we got an email from Sandra Wolf from Codacy about this international Scala meetup they wanted to organise. However, what started off as a meetup turned out to be a ‘slightly’ bigger event… Codacy, together with 47 Degrees, is now organising, instead, the first international Scala conference in Southern Europe called Lx Scala. 

Lx Scala is bringing to Lisbon top Scala experts, from all over Europe, to discuss the present and future trends around this programming language, in an event that promises to be a great learning and sharing experience.

Earlier last week, we spoke to Sandra Wolf, from Codacy, and Jorge Galindo, from 47 Degrees, who are the main organisers behind this event, to understand what this conference will bring to the table.

According to Jorge, Lx Scala “won’t be a huge conference, it will be personal and familiar, so that everyone can meet each other and share knowledge and experience around Scala.”

With top speakers and experts such as Noel Welsh from Underscore, Eric Torrebone from Zalando and Alexy Khravov from Scala By The Bay, this conference will be a great learning experience that has a lot to add to the tech community in Lisbon. “We’ve been organising scala meetups in Lisbon but this time, we’re taking a step further, and bringing to Lisbon great international experts” explains Sandra.

But, according to Sandra and Jorge, this conference doesn’t end when the keynotes and panels are over… It keeps its casual and informal atmosphere for the closing party, where a rock band will be playing live.

Lx Scala will be held at Microsoft on the 8th and 9th of April. So, make sure you get your ticket, as there are only 100 tickets available, and check all the details right here.

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