Web Summit’s Ultimate Guide to Lisbon’s Startup Scene

March 16, 2016

Lisbon Startup Scene

If Portugal(’s fame) in the last decades was still deeply attached to a past generation of explorers and remarkable sailing ventures, the last few years put Portugal and Lisbon again under the spotlight due to a rising community of adventurers and creators who have built a strong startup scene.

Crowned “European Capital of Entrepreneurship of 2015”, Lisbon welcomes the Web Summit next November, and the world’s top tech conference just shared a must read guide: “Lisbon: The Startup City Guide” with the help of some key influencers.

One of them, our own President, Pedro Rocha Vieira, starts by clarifying where Lisbon stands: “We are a far cry from the zombie lifestyles of some of the bigger tech hubs. We don’t need to be the Silicon Valley of Europe, we can be Lisbon”.

A great motto that highlights the city’s strong identity – where you’ll find a mixture of solid ideas, top talent and a hardworking network of accelerators, incubators, investors and mentors, topped with a great quality of life and low costs of living.

For instance Uniplaces, mentioned for their recent 24$ million Series A funding, was one of Lisbon’s Challenge Alumni that extracted the most out of all these resources available in the ecosystem.

So, whether if you’re a local or coming to Lisbon anytime soon, having a startup or waiting for your own leap of faith, Emer Henderson’s guide is definitely a must read. Learn about all the resources, main players, programs and events happening on a daily basis and feel free to reach us to know more about our own initiatives at Beta-i here.

What’s your point of view on Lisbon’s startup scene when compared to other renowned tech hubs?


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