Meet… the Venue

May 20, 2015


So, we’ve been getting a lot of curious questions about the venue, and what’s this mystery all about.

You really want to know what’s it all about? Then prepare to take off your shoes and embrace beauty as natural as it can get.

The event is set in an amazing sixteenth century palace called Palácio de Pombal and it is located near Bairro Alto (one of the most trendiest places in Lisbon). It was the palace where the great Marquis of Pombal was born, thriving in mystery with decaying walls and breath-taking frescoes.

We chose this palace for its particular architectural layout with several rooms spread out, but also for the mood it sets, for the culture it breathes, and for its creative potential, combining tradition with modernity. Yes, we know, it’s not the typical startup and investment events venue, so if you’re looking for a fancy venue with the latest technologies, then you will have to look somewhere else, as this location will deliberately contrast what we are preaching (technological and innovative startups) with what it conveys (preservation and simplicity).

We invite you to discover what is really happening in Lisbon, by taking you out of your comfort zone, and providing you an experience you will not forget. This authentic location will connect you with the local culture of the city, with a certain level of edginess, we hope you are prepared.

It sets a new tone, and will create a narrative that will leave you intrigued, and secretly desiring for more next year!

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