The Portuguese Way: Startups and Mindsets

May 21, 2015

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We’re getting closer and closer to the Lisbon Investment Summit, an event that’s all about connecting the local ecosystem with international players.

Most international startups and investors already have an idea on what the Portuguese mindset is all about. But how do they specifically see the startup mindset in this little corner-country of Europe?

Ship wrote an interesting article on this back in February:

The Portuguese ecosystem has been establishing itself over the last few years. Long before Lisbon became the trending tech hub, there already were many tech related companies in Porto and Coimbra, for example. As Diogo Teles, Product Lead at Faber Ventures (a Portuguese VC and Company builder) puts it: “Lisbon brought to the scene the inspiration from tech hubs such as the ones in London and Berlin. So the ecosystem, as we know it, really started with Startup Lisboa, but you already had many things going on in other cities, long before Lisbon started.” So, the media exposure regarding this new optimistic movement, that offers a contrast to the economic crisis, brought many entrepreneurs to the spotlight. Then the whole hype started and having your own business became cool, ignoring the regular working schedule was normal and forgetting about conservative hierarchies was acceptable.


To read the full article, sail over to Ship.

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