Free Electrons: Discover the 15 startups joining the piloting phase

Free Electrons, the first global energy startup accelerator program, that connects the world’s most promising energy startups with leading utility companies, just selected the 15 teams that will now join the piloting phase program, after the Bootcamp.

The Bootcamp

The Bootcamp week is a critical part of the success of the program, and this year was held in Dublin and hosted by ESB. During this stage, utilities got to know in detail the potential of having these innovative disruptive solutions applied to their businesses. For Startups, it represents an enormous opportunity, not only to speak directly with 10 global companies but also to collect valuable feedback about their products, features and roadmaps.

Just by attending the Bootcamp startups are able to test their business cases potential on a global platform, enriched by the different expertise from the 10 utilities in their home markets. In just 3 days, startups need to quickly adjust to all the utility requirements, work together with them in creating room for a pilot to be held, and then present a viable pilot case.  

The top 30 Bootcamp startups also had the chance to talk with CEOs from Free Electrons ’17 & ’18 winning startups – Sebastian Groh from ME SOLshare and Rui Beon form BeOn Energy – whose testimonials are key examples of the impact the program can have in helping startups scale fast, get funding or close new deals, alongside other alumni, and Sterblue, who also shared their experience on the program.

The Bootcamp has also allowed for the opportunity to showcase Irish startup ecosystem, with several local companies invited to join the event.

The 15 finalist startups

The overall quality level of the 30 startups that qualified to the Bootcamp was amazing – all of them helped the utilities learn, and had really talented founders, that are already having an impact in the future of the energy sector.

But the 15 startups joining the piloting phase of Free Electrons ‘19 are Akselos SA, Ambi Labs Limited, CARTO, DEXMA, Energyworx, Enging – Make Solutions, envelio,, GridBeyond, Heila Technologies Inc., Hygge Power, Save To Compete, Sensewaves, Solandeo and WePower.

These 15 startups will join the utilities on the 1st module, that will take place in Columbus, Ohio (EUA), from May 21st to 24th.

Bluetech Accelerator: Meet the Bluetech Pioneers

Bluetech accelerator aims to connect the most innovative tech and ocean startups with leading players in the industry to create a new blue economy – one that is modern, data-based, technologically advanced and environmentally friendly.

Meet the Bluetech Pioneers

The BlueTech accelerator is an initiative by Ministério do Mar (the accelerator is part of its Ocean Portugal Programme) and FLAD – Fundação Luso-Americana para o Desenvolvimento and is powered by Direção Geral de Politíca do Mar and Beta-i.

Behind the program are 6 Bluetech pioneers – companies that are leaders in the market and are ready to partner up with startups to pilot groundbreaking solutions.


The Port of Leixões is the largest port infrastructure in Northern Portugal and one of the most important in the country, equipped with modern facilities and advanced ship management systems.

Why Bluetech?

There’s a focus on improving not only the performance of the physical port but also of the digital port. Bluetech is an opportunity to expand on the concept of port tech clusters, which can contribute to the development of their port and maritime services.


The Port de Sines is the leading national port in volumes of cargo handled and is also the leading container port in the country. They have an history of over 20 years and were pioneers in the Information Systems development in Europe.

Why Bluetech?

APS believes they are in the service of the economy – Bluetech accelerator is an opportunity to develop and implement technology that will help them be more efficient in reaching this goal.

Grupo E.T.E.

Since 1936, ETE Group is the national leader in developing competitive services for the port, maritime and inland water transportation sectors. Very transversal in the sector, ETE group acts in several areas: port operations, maritime and fluvial transportation, logistics, naval engineering, naval construction, and maintenance. They have a experienced path in the field and are present in 3 different continents.

Why Bluetech?

ETE Group has innovation in its DNA. Their longtime success is based on having always believed in innovation, technology and being open to always renewing themselves, investing in new knowledge and new companies in order to become more sustainable, productive and efficient and able to provide the best service to their clients.

Portline Ocean Management

Portline Ocean was created in 2016 to operate in the complex market of shipping high-value cargo. With a deep focus on the international market, Portline Ocean has developed remarkable expertise in the transport of dry bulks and containers, together with all the related shipping activities.

Why Bluetech?

Portline Ocean aims to be in the vanguard to give the best to its clients. They are irreverent in the way approach the market and maritime shipping business, so sharing knowledge and developing solutions with like-minded startups is a not-to-miss opportunity.


Inmarsat is the pioneer and world leader in mobile satellite communications, powering global connectivity for nearly four decades.

They provide governments, commercial enterprises, and humanitarian organizations with mission-critical voice and high-speed data communications on land, at sea, and in the air.

Why Bluetech?

Because it’s around ports, Bluetech represents the joining of two of Inmarsat’s business units, land and maritime, in the incredibly important hub that is a maritime port. They are ready to join Inmarsat’s capabilities in these two areas, and with their digital incubation team, and program partners, together to innovate and create new solutions to help digitalize the maritime industry.


Tekever develops advanced technology and products in areas such as the digital economy, aerial vehicles, and space industries, always with a mindset of Continuous Innovation.

Why Bluetech?

Tekever’s business is intimately linked to the sea, especially where it concerns drones and space. In both cases, they’re building infrastructure that allows for new services in the maritime area – in safety, infrastructure compliance, etc – so it makes sense for them to part of this initiative, and make this structures available for startups innovating with them.  

Read more about the Bluetech Accelerator here.

Smart Open Lisboa: Meet the partners of SOL Housing

Smart Open Lisboa: Meet the partners of SOL Housing

Smart Open Lisboa is back again, in its vertical SOL Housing, dedicated to upgrading Lisbon’s City Life. This vertical has a broad spectrum of opportunities in several areas: assisted living, retail experience, infrastructure and more.

The best way to identify them is to get to know the major players partnering with the programme!

CML – Lisbon’s Municipality

Our goal is to make Lisbon one of the most competitive, innovative and creative cities in Europe. We often hear in major international media that “Lisbon is the new Berlin” or the “New Silicon Valley” to refer to the dynamics of innovation and entrepreneurship that is happening in Lisbon for the past six years. Much of what has been happening is the result of strong ambition and a global and actionable strategy that federates multiple stakeholders, positioning Lisbon in a growth and innovation trajectory unprecedented in its recent history.

Housing Partners


Sonae Sierra is an international retail real estate company dedicated to serving the needs of investors. We develop, manage and invest in sustainable retail assets and provide investment, architecture & engineering and property management services for clients in geographies as diverse as Europe, South America, North Africa, and Asia, while creating shared value for our business and society.

Sonae Sierra decided to embrace this open innovation program because we are a company with a strong background on Innovation, that is always searching for state-of-art solutions that allows us to reinforce our business competitiveness and our compromise with sustainable development. With this partnership we expect to benefit from the startup’s expertise in different areas, like big data, sensors, devices, etc, to improve our know-how and internal operations, but also contribute to their development and if possible to work with the most relevant ones in a near future. 

Ricardo Rosa, Head of Innovation


EPAL is the oldest and largest Portuguese water supply company, with 150 years of outstanding history and has long been the reference supply company in the water sector, both in Portugal and internationally. The company provides drinking water to approximately three million people, covering 1/3 of the population, with the responsibility to design, build, operate and manage the water supply and sanitation systems for which it is responsible, including all related activities and businesses.

Developing products and services in the form of innovative solutions and incorporate them into our operations, with the amazing contributions of our technicians expertize, is one of the ways EPAL gets engaged with the smart cities developing programs. It’s also a consistent evidence of our ability to share solutions in the interests of a more efficient water use. EPAL, Smart Open Lisbon Housing program and all startups involved, will certainly leverage strategic innovation in water services and will contribute to improve the quality of the citizens’ lives and to the social and economic development of the cities.  


Galp is positioned as an integrated energy player that develops profitable and sustainable businesses, aiming to create value to its stakeholders. It explores and produces oil and natural gas, and generates and markets electricity. Galp’s strategy is based on a resilient E&P portfolio, embedded with an efficient and competitive downstream business, supported by innovative and differentiating solutions that promote the transition into a low carbon economy. 

The company believes that ensuring the protection of people, the environment and assets, as well as the communities it operates in and adopting ethical conduct is crucial for its actions and strategic execution.


Mota Engil Renewing has the mission to be the reference in promotion and operation of Cities’ Renewal, in tight collaboration with municipalities, and responding to the most pressing challenges and needs facing cities and citizens in terms of energy, mobility and housing.

They are a Smart Synergy Provider of Infrastructures and Services, managed by digital platforms (IoT), in the areas of Smart Energy – Smart Charging – Mobility – New Housing, developing integrated, differentiated and competitive solutions, adapted to the reality of each Client – Cities, Companies and Citizens. 

2At ME Renewing, we always seek differentiated ways and approaches to respond to and mitigate the problems and challenges that cities face today, whether in energy management, electric mobility or in the housing and real estate market. In the area of New Housing, we are developing and implementing alternative solutions to business as usual, giving priority to Housing-as-a-Service, managed by digital platforms, adding a set of services that make life easier for citizens, areas where the company operates, such as energy, smart charging and mobility solutions, in a global competitive and differentiated offer.”


GEBALIS has managed, for the past 22 years, the municipal housing districts in Lisbon, ensuring an integrated management policy based on criteria of proximity, improving the quality of life of resident populations and heritage conservation. GEBALIS’ activities are supported by an operating structure located in several points of the city, covering 66 Districts and about 22 949 housing units.

Associated Partners


Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa (SCML) is the oldest and biggest Portuguese charity and its mission is to improve the quality of life of the individuals and communities in the city of Lisbon and to contribute to the well-being of its underprivileged and vulnerable citizens, irrespective of their age or social problems. 

SCML is best known for his Social Action and for ensuring the exploitation of the State Social Games in Portugal, but also carries out important work in the areas of Health, Education and Teaching, Culture and Promotion of Quality of Life.


NOS is the biggest communications and entertainment group in Portugal. It offers the latest generation fixed and mobile phone, television, Internet, voice and data solutions for all market segments. It is the leader in Pay TV, new generation broadband services and in cinema exhibition and distribution in Portugal. NOS is part of the main Portuguese stock exchange index (PSI-20), and has more than 4.7 million mobile phone, 1.6 million television, 1.8 million fixed telephone and 1.3 million fixed broadband Internet customers. 


Cisco designs and sells a broad range of technologies that have been powering the Internet since 1984. Across networking, security, collaboration, and the cloud, our evolving intent-based technologies are constantly learning and adapting to provide customers with a highly secure, intelligent platform for their digital business. 

“Entrepreneurship and innovation are in the DNA of Cisco, who has been a partner of the SOL program since the first edition. It is thus with great naturalness and enthusiasm that we are once again present and, together with the startups, we seek to solve the future challenges of Mobility and Urbanism. “

Sofia Tenreiro, General Manager at Cisco Portugal


Axians is the VINCI Energies brand dedicated to information and communications technology (ICT) and the digital transformation challenge. We answer to all ICT needs through human-centered methodologies with differentiated solutions in telecoms infrastructures, cloud, and data centers, enterprise networks, digital workspace and data analytics. Cybersecurity is a priority within all these areas. The best of ICT with a human touch.

Axians is proud to partner with Smart Open Lisboa. As a startup implementation program devoted to effectively upgrade city life, it fits exactly with our role in society: to improve the life of people, through the meaningful ICT  we deliver to our clients. And our VINCI Energies’ way of life is in fact fueled through an entrepreneurial spirit. We truly believe that the key to a smarter and prosper city lies on startups and big corporate companies cooperation, learning from each other, evolving and preserving that unique human touch, at the heart of digital transformation.

Pedro Faustino, Board Member, Axians Portugal


Turismo de Portugal is the National Tourism Authority in charge of promoting, improving and guaranteeing the sustainability of tourism as one of the most important economic activities in the country. As part of the Ministry of Economy, it groups together all the institutional powers related to invigorating tourism, from supply to demand. 

“Turismo de Portugal is actively involved in shaping the future of smart cities and implementing projects that solve their challenges: SOL acceleration program enables the development and showcasing of solutions to overcome these challenges and promote sustainable cities. Sustainability is one of our tourism policy priorities and it’s a key driver to innovation.”

Luis Araujo, Presidente do Turismo de Portugal


The Sharing Cities ‘lighthouse’ programme is a proving ground for a better, common approach to making smart cities evermore efficient. By fostering international collaboration between industry and cities, the project seeks to develop affordable, integrated, commercial-scale smart city solutions with high market potentialities. The project draws on €24 million in EU funding. It aims to trigger €500 million in investment and to engage over 100 municipalities across Europe. 

At three strategic locations – London, Lisbon, and Milan – the programme will demonstrate the effectiveness of new technologies in improving urban mobility, increasing the energy efficiency of buildings and reducing carbon emissions.


TOMI WORLD is a Portuguese technology company that created and developed TOMI, which is an innovative and interactive urban solution that delivers all information that matters in the right place at the right time. TOMI’s goal is to bring cities closer to people who live, work and travel in it.

Currently, TOMI WORLD has offices in Portugal, Brazil, UK, and China and is planning to open offices in main cities across the world as part of its internationalization process. 

Do you have a solution that you would like to test with these market leaders? Don’t waste one more minute – apply to SOL Housing!

Why Your Startup Should Apply to Smart Open Lisboa Housing

Why Your Startup Should Apply to Smart Open Lisboa Housing

What makes SOL Housing, the new Smart Open Lisboa vertical, the place for your startup? Explore the reasons why you should consider participating in the programme if you have a startup with a solution for these challenges: urban management & smart infrastructure, construtech, proptech, resource efficiency, smart homes, buildings & retail properties, home care & assisted living, customer & community experience and financial services.

1. Work directly with Lisbon’s Municipality


Lisbon is a city that is now going through a lot of changes: the birth of several innovation hubs, the foreign investment, real-estate development and several programmes from the municipality to invest in the upgrading of the city’s quality is making it a perfect hotspot for new projects to be tested and applied.

Through this programme, you will be working directly with the partners – in this case, Lisbon’s Municipality is the main partner of the programme and you will get access to the decision makers.

2. Test your solution in different industries and sectors

In Smart Open Lisboa, you’ll get the opportunity to test your solution in different industries and sectors, co-operating with different partners of the programme.

You can read here about some of the pilots being developed in the last vertical.

3. Meet prospective clients and the key players in the industry


By joining Smart Open Lisboa, you will get to make partnerships with utilities and companies working actively in the city, and the chance to use their resources and develop a long-lasting relationship. Get to know the amazing partners of SOL Housing here.

4. Equity-free programme

The main goal of the programme is to promote the cooperation between startups and companies – you don’t need to give up any equity of your company to join.

5. Applications are closing soon

The applications for SOL housing, the new vertical of Smart Open Lisboa, are closing on the 13th of February. So, don’t waste any time and click here to apply now!