Why Your Startup Should Apply to Smart Open Lisboa Housing

February 12, 2019

What makes SOL Housing, the new Smart Open Lisboa vertical, the place for your startup? Explore the reasons why you should consider participating in the programme if you have a startup with a solution for these challenges: urban management & smart infrastructure, construtech, proptech, resource efficiency, smart homes, buildings & retail properties, home care & assisted living, customer & community experience and financial services.

1. Work directly with Lisbon’s Municipality


Lisbon is a city that is now going through a lot of changes: the birth of several innovation hubs, the foreign investment, real-estate development and several programmes from the municipality to invest in the upgrading of the city’s quality is making it a perfect hotspot for new projects to be tested and applied.

Through this programme, you will be working directly with the partners – in this case, Lisbon’s Municipality is the main partner of the programme and you will get access to the decision makers.

2. Test your solution in different industries and sectors

In Smart Open Lisboa, you’ll get the opportunity to test your solution in different industries and sectors, co-operating with different partners of the programme.

You can read here about some of the pilots being developed in the last vertical.

3. Meet prospective clients and the key players in the industry


By joining Smart Open Lisboa, you will get to make partnerships with utilities and companies working actively in the city, and the chance to use their resources and develop a long-lasting relationship. Get to know the amazing partners of SOL Housing here.

4. Equity-free programme

The main goal of the programme is to promote the cooperation between startups and companies – you don’t need to give up any equity of your company to join.

5. Applications are closing soon

The applications for SOL housing, the new vertical of Smart Open Lisboa, are closing on the 13th of February. So, don’t waste any time and click here to apply now!