It’s time for re_source Bootcamp

July 1, 2021

The digital open innovation program by Sociedade Ponto Verde to innovate packaging waste has already kicked-off. Re_source’s bootcamp is happening on June 28, 29 and 30 and on July 7, 8 and 9. 

This journey of innovation will be fully digital, where the selected startups and innovators will meet the brave pilot partners of this special program. 

The bootcamp includes sessions especially designed for partners and startups, pitches, preparation of one-on-one meetings, as well as deep dive conversations between both parties to define scope and purpose of their collaborations.

The participating startups will be split by challenge, so that each program’s category is covered with innovative solutions.  In the end, both startups and pilot partners will have found their “match” and define further steps to their solutions for packaging waste. 

Among so many well qualified applications, it was not easy to decide who should move to this phase of the program, but re_source has selected 19 top startups to participate in the bootcamp: 

Arqlite is developing highly efficient materials for massive industries, made 100% from discarded plastics.

An AI-based smart waste bin, designed for public places, enabling them to achieve efficiency in waste management and reach green strategy goals.

Technology for hotels, restaurants, and apartment buildings to ensure recyclables are sorted by customers before disposal, and the internal collection process of recyclables is streamlined.

Digitization, cloud data and blockchain technology to store and facilitate seamless sharing of information about plastic waste and map waste flows.

Delamination technology, used to recycle complex/multilayer plastic packaging by separating each of the materials that comprise the packaging and recovering all of them.

GreenPlat is a SaaS in blockchain that covers the whole production, managing environmental indicators and the supply chain and destination of companies. 

Magnetic ink-based technology for recyclable packaging. he inks allow recyclers to magnetically (and economically) sort packaging elements during recycling.

Mudatuga believes in the power of education and community, spreading the compost awareness with a sense of humor and proximity to the public.

A social network that empowers forward-thinking organizations to communicate, promote and engage their communities to take collective steps around ESG-based initiatives. 

Waste-based sustainable blocks for wood pallets and packaging. These blocks are made 100% from upcycled resources dumped everyday on landfills. 

A patent-pending Tag and Trace technology that allows packaging manufacturers and brands to assign unique individual codes to each unit of a product.

A smart bin able to automatically differentiate waste thanks to machine learning and image recognition techniques.

Reath ((track & trace + analytics and BI tools) enables businesses to adopt and grow scalable circular packaging systems fit for the 21st century.

The only solution able to identify unmistakably all types of packaging waste with one device.

Personalized white-labeled service of recycling information and rewards for retailers and brand owners.

Peer-to-peer marketplace where users can hitch a ride for things they need recycled or moved.

Trash4Goods is a gamification platform that rewards users for recycling.

The world’s first patent bio-based material made entirely of unsorted household waste. 

A tech company that helps collect more trash to recycle with software of AI, APPS and traditional IT systems combined together with its developed HW(machine).