Beta-i Alumni highlighted at Entrepreneur Awards XXI

June 19, 2019
Several Portuguese startups and Beta-i open-innovation alumni were highlighted in the event.

The EntrepreneurXXI Awards are an initiative that seeks to identify, recognize and accompany young companies with greater growth potential.

At this year’s event, the spotlight was on portuguese startups Seacliq (invested by LC Ventures) and HUUB, both having created digital platforms to simplify the direct negotiation between providers and buyers in their respective industries (fishing and fashion).

Other notable portuguese finalists include LOQR (Free Electrons Alumni) in Fin&Insur Tech category, NU-RISE and PeekMed (Protechting alumni) in the Health Tech category.

The Winners

Agro Tech

Seacliq is a new electronic platform for the first sale of fish based on blockchain.

Fin&Insur Tech

Predictiva has developed, with technology based on artificial intelligence, a superbot specialized in the analysis and interpretation of spontaneous speech.

Commerce Tech

HUUB is an integrated logistics platform for the fashion industry.

Tourism Tech

Tracer has created a system based on blockchain to avoid the problem of abusive resale of tickets at major music and sports events.

Health Tech

Glycardial Diagnostics is working on the development of an in vitro diagnostic device (IVD) for the early detection of cardiac ischemia and prediction of patient evolution.

Impact Tech

Feltwood has developed an innovative process to transform agricultural vegetal residues into ecological industrial material of multiple applications and with characteristics similar to materials such as plastic or wood.