Lisbon Challenge had its Demo Day at Lisbon Investment Summit

June 18, 2019

Lisbon Challenge, Beta-i’s acceleration program, had its Demo Day on the last day of Lisbon Investment Summit, on June 7th.

The Challenge

Lisbon Challenge is an intense 10 week program (see exactly how intense here), designed to question the founders’ assumptions, help them find their product-market fit and prepare them for the road ahead – scaling and investment.

And, boy, were they challenged! In the end, it paid off – the teams learned to turn their pains into gains, and they were ready to take the stage at Lisbon Investment Summit – to an audience on national and international investors and innovators, in an event with over 1500 attendees.  

The Pitches

At Lisbon Investment Summit, five Lisbon Challenge teams took to the stage to present their companies, in a truly international cohort: the startups originated from: Portugal, UK, Italy, Ireland and USA.

Presented by António Carlos Torrão, Strategic Marketing Manager at BPI:

OUTBOUND: Providing instant access to your ideal customer with proven interest, through an AI based Sales Platform for B2B Lead Generation, so you can focus on what really matters: closing deals.

Presented by Pedro Falcão, Managing Partner at LC Ventures:

VAIRT: Making real estate investment accessible for all, through a global marketplace for real estate investment and liquidation based on blockchain technology.

Presented by Pedro Bandeira, Founder and CEO at REDangels:

FLOCK: Building engaged cultures through quantified real engagement and increased productivity of the workforce, by plugging into the internal communication channels of the customers.

Presented by Roberto Antunes, Executive Director at NEST Turismo de Portugal

CROWDBOOKS: Empowering any author to sell & publish their books, through a crowdfunding publishing platform.

Presented by Nuno Pimenta, Industry Head Startups at Google:

SKOACH: Maximizing employee life-time value, by helping people love their jobs – through a bot plugged into the internal communications channels of the company.

The Feedback

Besides the adrenaline rush of pitching on stage for a crowd of investors, entrepreneurs and corporations, the best part of the pitching is the feedback: the crowd has spoken (through a form vote) and over 50% of voters said that they wanted to meet and talk with the founders – which is the core of #LIS!

We at Beta-i are very proud of the founders who gave it all – during the program and on stage at #LIS. In the words of the Lisbon Challenge team:

“We’re really proud of what we saw today. And today is just the beginning for these teams. They are already doing pilots with big corporates – all companies looking for innovative solutions should talk with these startups. They are a group of trusting, capable founders, with impactful solutions and a growth mindset. We’re excited to see the global impact they will bring in the future – we know they are ready to jump into scale.”