The Irish Are Coming!

September 28, 2017

On the night of April 7, 1775, Paul Revere, an American serial industrialist and professed patriot, got on his horse and rode the famous “Midnight Ride” to warn the Massachusetts Congress that the British were planning an attack on a site full of Patriot military supplies. Being well prepared saved the day, and gave Revere fame and what every man truly wants: a poem about him.

Now, I do not own a horse nor am I worried about an invasion. But I am here to remind you of the second coming of the Web Summit. It seems our Irish friends are pulling all the stops for the 2017 edition, bringing with them an energetic frenzy of thousands of entrepreneurs, businesses, innovators, speakers, and enthusiasts looking for the next big thing. And just like Paul Revere focused on preparation (just in case you were wondering if I was gonna nail this war metaphor or not…I did) here are  5 events you’ll definitely want to check out.

  1. The Pub Summit (November 6th)

Knowing that some of the most valuable connections are forged after hours over beers, we’ve once again partnered with the Web Summit team to host a series of fun-bursting Pub Crawls as part of their Pub Summit. Join us for a tour of Lisbon’s bustling bars and pubs and experience the charms of our fado bars, have a caipirinha and maybe hit one of the city’s nightclubs afterwards. In good Lisbon fashion, the Pub Crawls kick off in the early evening and run until you decide to call it a night.

  1. The Lisbon Startup Tour (November 6th)

Lisbon is not the new Berlin or Europe’s Silicon Valley. This year’s edition of our Startup Tour is meant to show you just that. Already on our third run, Google partnered up with us this year to take attendees directly into the offices of the best and most interesting startups around: Uniplaces, Unbabel, Hole 19, Pure, Aptoide, Tradiio and 19 others. We’ll wrap up the day with an awesome Espumante Party at Beta-i’s terrace, courtesy of Pure Hookup App, a close friend of ours and an Lisbon Challenge alumni.

  1. Beta-i’s Diaspora Gathering (November 6th)

This year we’re trying something new. Just before the WebSummit starts, we’ll bring together a small and unexpected group of Portuguese people from all over the world, who are doing amazingly interesting things. Imagine it: a Google DeepMind engineer living in Zurich, an IDEO lead designer living in San Francisco and a Rolls Royce chief project engineer living in Berlin walk into a bar…(shoot me an email if you think this would be your sort of thing).

  1. Beta-i & La French Tech Present: A Good Time with Food and Friends (November 7th)

I’m hoping the name says it all. It’s a bit of a private event, but I’m sure if you really want to, you’ll find a way or two to get around that.

  1. Beta-i’s Official Party (November 7th)

Once the first day of the WebSummit comes to a close, the Night Summit kicks in. And with it, our official party. Taking up the whole Time Out Studio in Mercado da Ribeira, we’re looking to host a typically cool and fun Beta-i party at WebSummit. Good vibes, drinks and live music for 1500 people. Tickets are free but you have to book yours to get in. Traditionally, we always sell out.

And that’s it. If you’re curious about any of these events, stay tuned for our next batch of newsletters with more news. If you can’t contain yourself, go ahead and shoot me an email.


Happy horse riding!