JumpStart by Prio: Test Your Solution in Real Life with a Top Client

March 7, 2017

10 years ago Prio was starting off as a startup. Today, it has grown into one of the most relevant players in the energy sector, providing energy all across Portugal.

However, just like Prio has empowered people’s lives through fuel, gas, and electric power, over the time, they’ll be fuelling and empowering the dreams and ideas of those who dare to think differently. Those who dare to start their business.

For this reason, together with Beta-i, Prio has launched Jump Start, a new startup Bootcamp, where we’ll be powering up new business ideas and ambitious entrepreneurs.

At Jump Start, we’ll take 10 promising startups for an intensive Bootcamp. During 3 days the startups will from learn from experienced entrepreneurs, reach out to potential customers, and prove they deserve the chance to test their solutions with Prio.

Once the Bootcamp is over, Prio will select the most interesting products for the pilot phase. So, the startups will actually get to test their solution with a top first client, in a blink of an eye.

But, just before you think this is just for energy startups, it’s actually much more than this. For Jump Start, Prio is looking for startups related to energy, mobility, distribution, customer service, efficient management or industrial production. Any product that could be used by Prio in their business, that you can test in real life, with real customers, and further develop.

Are you interested? Find out more at priojumpstart.com