Protechting: How to reach big clients in insurance and healthcare

March 3, 2017

Hi, I’m Mafalda and I’m the Program Manager of Protechting. I’m here to talk to you about the second edition of Protechting, but first I want to tell you something.

I’m new to this startup world, but what I’m not new to, is being new to a new world! Having done a degree in Neuroscience, gone on to do a master’s in international business lectured in London, San Francisco and Shanghai to working at a top consulting firm with large corporate clients and frequent trips to Africa, I know all about different worlds. But what I have found here is different in every aspect. This world is alive! There’s passion behind every idea and there’s a genuine eagerness to make things better everywhere you look. 

Everywhere I turn I hear stories of entrepreneurs trying to be the next Airbnb for connecting insurance providers with clients, or the next Facebook for patients to share lifestyle and health information with doctors. But, behind some of the jargon, there are also ideas that just work and there are people trying to solve real problems. So, what if your idea, even if it doesn’t sound like the “sexiest” business on the market, solves a real problem and could make the life of quite a few people better and easier and improve business?

If this sounds familiar, then we are looking for you! Protechting is not just an acceleration program, it is a chance to build real business relationships. We are looking past the jargon; we are looking for real solutions to real problems. Calling on all startups with a working prototype who are ready to roll-up their sleeves and get to work in testing and implementing their solutions in real situations with real data, real clients, and real expert industry knowledge. 

In the second edition of the program, Fidelidade and Fosun have partnered once more with Beta-i to find the startups with the best solutions in the areas of Prevention and Protection, Services in Insurtech and Fintech and in Health. In this program, you will benefit from working with the largest insurance group in the Portuguese market and with a leading investment group taking roots in China with a global foothold, as well as with Luz Saúde, one of the most advanced and profitable healthcare providers in Portugal. Along with access to vast industry knowledge, you will benefit from Beta-i’s 7 years of experience in working with startups and entrepreneurs as well as having run over 20 acceleration programs. 

During the 8-week-long program, you will have access to the best mentors in the industry and successful entrepreneurs, workshops and work alongside other startups and meet like-minded people in networking and social events organized weekly. The 3 finalists selected at the end of the program, will get the chance to go on a Roadshow to Shanghai and pitch their solution to some of the largest investors in the world opening doors to new markets and investment opportunities.

With Protechting we want to break down barriers between startups and corporates, we want to bring two worlds together in one place of collaboration, enabling startups to work directly with and learn from those in the industry and leverage on their experience and client base. There is only one possible outcome, learning, developing an even better solution and a more successful startup. Win-win! Are you ready to join? Apply here