Beta-i and Tetuan Valley, together, to be the Iberian reference for entrepreneurs

January 31, 2017

We have some news for you. Those kind of news that make you jump of your seat.

Beta-i and Tetuan Valley have joined forces in order to become the major reference in the Iberian Peninsula for innovation and entrepreneurship. Together, Beta-i and Tetuan Valley have almost 15 years of experience and 840 startups have gone through our programs. What can we say? We are the force, and the force is with us.

But this isn’t so unpredictable if you’ve been paying attention. We’ve had a long relationship since 2009 when we were both founded. Since then we have followed parallel paths with very similar visions. In 2014 we started working together on the ATALANTA project, a project by the European Commission. Since then our two accelerators have gotten very close. We have also aligned our startup programs with startups that went through Tetuan Valley’s Startup School then going into Beta-i’s Lisbon Challenge, and Beta-i’s startups expanding into Spain been taken in by Tetuan Valley during their first steps. Uniplaces, one of the most promising Portuguese startups, spent their first three weeks in Spain in Tetuan Valley’s offices.

Both Beta-i and Tetuan Valley have a long trajectory working with startups and executing entrepreneurship programs. We at Beta-i, based in Lisbon, specialising in acceleration programs and programs for the corporate world. Tetuan Valley, based in Madrid, specialising in pre-acceleration and training programs. Joining our different yet complementary expertise, Tetuan Valley and Beta-i plan to take over the Iberian peninsula’s innovation market. With each being a reference in our own countries, together we are sure to achieve this goal. Both Beta-i and Tetuan Valley have enormous communities of digital entrepreneurs backing us up that we are eager to join together.

Karel Escobar, CEO of Tetuan Valley, said: “I have worked personally with Beta-i over the last two years and it is clear that now it is time to join forces and become a single voice in the innovation world. With a strong hold on Portugal and Spain I see huge potential for working with big companies that have business in both countries and are looking to innovate from within”

“We have big plans for the next few months. We will be working along three main lines: programs with corporates, pre-acceleration programs and investment in startups in Spanish startups. We already have several projects for programs with corporates in the pipeline in Madrid, and new cities where to take Tetuan Valley’s pre-acceleration program on the horizon”, said Pedro Rocha Vieira, co-founder & CEO at Beta-i.

From now on will be working together closely, with one member of the Beta-i team moving to Madrid to work directly with Tetuan Valley starting February. Eventually, Tetuan Valley and Beta-i aspire to work under a single brand. Although they will begin collaborations in Portugal and Spain, some of the possible futures lay in cities all around Europe (and beyond). We have big ambitions, but we also have all the resources to pursue them.