Pitch your startup to a crowd of fintech investors at the Lisbon Investment Summit

January 24, 2017

We’re getting everything ready for the Lisbon Investment Summit but, this year things will be a bit different. We don’t to spoil too many details just yet. However, we couldn’t really get a hold of ourselves and you need to tell you this.

First, as some of you might have heard, we’re giving 100 free tickets to startups. So, we will be giving every entrepreneur the chance to be at the Lisbon Investment Summit.

Second, and bringing me to the topic of this blogpost, we will have some of the best startups in Europe pitching to a crowd of investors we’re especially bringing to the Lisbon Investment Summit. For the first time, we’ll have pitching corners, and one of them will be specifically focussed on fintech.

Why fintech you ask?

Well, we know fintech is one of the most challenging industries in the world. It’s hard to reach the big fish in the market, you have tough legal restrictions and it’s complex to obtain financial data. However, before people think that entrepreneurs building solutions in fintech are some of kind of masochists, believe me they’re not. Fintech is estimated to have a global investment of 8 billion dollars by 2018.

They’re not crazy, they’re just unbelievably bold and ambitious, and we want to give them that little push they need to succeed.

Are you one them?

Well, then here’s the plan. We’ll let you pitch at the Lisbon Investment Summit and we’ll get you ready for it. We’re talking about Europe’s top investors so, take this as a necessary requirement to impress them.

The fintech startups which will showcase their products at the Lisbon Investment Summit will be the ones which will participate in our fintech program called SIBS PayForward.

These fintech startups will be working closely with companies such as Seedrs, the leading equity crowdfunding platform in Europe, eToro, the world’s leading social trading network, and SIBS, a payments company which tracks more than 1 billion financial operations per year, for 2 months before the Lisbon Investment Summit kicks off.  

During these 2 months you’ll get to develop your product and grow your business, from Lisbon to the world. Get inspired by the sunny weather, work side by side with other fintech startups and corporations, and nail the perfect pitch.

Are you ready to apply? Then, make sure you apply until the end of this week. Applications close on January 31st.