Growth Hacking Masterclass in Lisbon next Monday

June 16, 2016

I’ve been working in marketing for a few years now. But, if there’s one thing I’ve learned during this time is that things are constantly changing.

You wake up one day and Instagram changes its algorithm feed, you go to bed and suddenly realise that your email marketing campaigns aren’t converting anymore because they’re going straight to the promotions inbox. You think you know all the tricks, but you don’t.

They keep turning the goddamn tables! And your good old pal Google Analytics never lies…

You gotta be quick, learn fast and keep testing… And from my own personal experience, also learn from others who share their latest tricks and growth hacks.

So, believe me when I tell you that our next Masterclass on Growth Hacking (Monday, Jun-20) is valuable. I’ve learned immensely from Patrick Vlaskovits (the one who actually came up with the concept ‘growth hacking’) and Casey Armstrong last time they were in Lisbon for a workshop.

They’ve done awesome stuff in marketing and growth… 

Patrick Vlaskovits is a New York Times bestselling author of The Lean Entrepreneur, CEO of Superpowered, and mentor at 500 Startups. He founded, which he grew to over 2mm unique monthly visitors and a 200,000 person email list before a successful acquisition in 2014. Along with Sean Ellis and Hiten Shah, he coined the word “growth hacker”.

Casey Armstrong is founder of, a technology-focused marketing firm specialising in customer acquisition and revenue growth for both clients and internal projects. He has driven growth at several top technology startups, including Pivotal Tracker, Mavenlink, Loggly, and Pantheon. At Mavenlink, he helped grow the company from 5,000 to 500,000 customers, while taking them from $0 MRR to six-figure MRR.

This is your chance (and mine) to learn from them. Figure out what they’ve been doing when content marketing fails, or how to define the right channels for your business instead of starring at your analytics waiting for magic to happen.

Join us for another insightful masterclass. Get the last tickets right here.