Startup Simplex: Keeping it Simple and Fighting Bureaucracy

March 7, 2016

Startup Simplex

Bureaucracy is just one of those words everyone hates, especially when it comes to the public sector…

How many times have you actually taken the day to dive into bureaucratic paperwork and found yourself screaming in the waiting room because you can’t keep up with the complexity of things?

Pretty much like Kendrick Lamar screaming in that hotel room, you don’t want to get the evils of bureaucracy all around you… so, you need to go running for answers.

And that’s where Startup Simplex comes in. With this program, the Portuguese government wants to turn these complex nightmares into spontaneous day-dreams, with your help.

In other words, if you have a product, idea or service that might improve the relationship between the public sector and the average citizen, go ahead and apply for Startup Simplex and make it happen.

It’s all about keeping it simple.

Check out all the details of this program here and apply by the 20th of April. 

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