8 Publications you should be following on Startups and Entrepreneurship

August 17, 2015


So you want to get your idea off the ground and would like to join one of those pre-accelerators you keep hearing about but you’re just not sure what to expect from an “accelerator” and think there are just too many entrepreneurship related jargon you’re not familiar with?

Spend some of your summer time reading some relevant publications on startups and entrepreneurship and you will soon feel more comfortable about the idea of joining some others like you and make your ideas happen with programs like Beta-start.

For wantrepreneurs (even if you don’t know what that is), entrepreneurs or enthusiasts / startups fans, here are some quality publications you should be following (randomly listed).

First Round Review

These VC’s intend to do more than give their opinions on the entrepreneurship scene. Their goal is not only to report on what’s happening in the startup world but how it is happening – how things are being done.


Inc.com is that famous publication that, each year, ranks the fastest-growing private companies in America. Everyone want to become part of THE Inc. list at some point. On Inc.com you can also find insights, resources and inspirational articles which help you running and growing your businesses.


Sarah Lacy, a prior TechCrunch writer, once saw Silicon Valley as something very similar to the oldest living organism on Earth – an interconnected root system of a colony of trees in Utah named Pando Trees. She quit TechCrunch to found and write at PandoDaily on the Silicon Valley ecosystem and on startups. She’s recognized by her very special pinch of humor and brilliant writing when delivering technology news and relevant comments.

Both sides of a table

This blog’s author was once (actually twice) an entrepreneur and is now a VC (venture capitalist). He writes in the first person at an unpretentious opinion blog. If this classic doesn’t convince you, maybe this one will.


Claiming to be “the number one guide for all tech things” here you can find what is hot in the tech innovation scene (they would add: disruptive). Getting noticed by TechCrunch is every tech startup’s dream.


Reporting mainly on emerging technologies without forgetting their context – culture, politics and economy.


Obviously in its main topic, this magazine offers tips and how-to’s on many useful skills and tasks for entrepreneurs – including intrapreneurs and personal branding. This publication is one of those you open every morning while you’re having your coffee to keep updated on everything that matters within the entrepreneurship world.

Fast Company

Focusing on technology, business and design here you can find information about startups and other innovative companies.


Are you already following some of these publications? Congratulations, you’re up to date! The important thing is for you to find your own relevant sources according to what you want to develop and keep track of what’s more important for your potential business in the midst of nowadays wild river of information.

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