Storyo and The Future of Content

June 3, 2015


To say content is evolving would be an understatement.

As technology is making it not only possible, but easy to stay connected with the world 24/7, everyone can now be a content creator, anytime, anywhere. The results have been nothing short of spectacular: around 2 billion photos are shared everyday, and growing fast. So the challenge becomes: How can we make what we have to say stands out from the crowd?

Storyo is a Portuguese start up that believes the future of content lies in making storytelling as quick and easy as any other content out there, by using our data. A free mobile app, available for iOS and Android, it uses data embedded in the photos we take to automatically create a narrative of events, fetches elements from the web to enrich the story, and delivers it in beautiful videos. And at #LIS15, Storyo and Beta-i are partnering up to invite attendants to create their own #LIS15 stories, and experience both a new way of sharing their experience of the main seed & early stage investment event in Portugal, and a glimpse of what contextual storytelling might bring to the future of content.

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