The winners that could change the world

The winners that could change the world

SkinSoul and Mov.e were the great winners during an afternoon where 8 moonshot ideas were presented, all of them capable of impacting the lives of people in Portugal, with an ability to scale and impact a billion people worldwide in 10 years.

More than 120 people gathered at Cascais to witness some of the most innovative solutions in the fields of Environment, Learning, Energy, Health, Food and Governance in Portugal.

Out of 77 applications, 8 projects where selected to pitch their ideas in the first edition of the SU Global Impact Challenge in Portugal, a competition that in the last 7 years counted with 119 editions around the world.

The quality of the ideas forced the jury to select not one but two winners! SkinSoul’s female founder promises to be a reliable solution to medical doctors in the early detection of skin cancer while team Mov.e will leverage the blockchain technology to bring transparency and efficiency into the future of electricity consumption.

SkinSoul and Mov.e will join the SU Ventures Incubator Program on April 2 at the SU headquarters located at NASA Research Park in Silicon Valley. During 10 weeks, the founders will be immersed in a powerful ecosystem for innovation and execution to turn their ideas into a minimum viable product and ultimately a sustainable startup capable of impacting the lives of a billion people in 10 years.

Beta-i, Nova School of Business and Economics, Cascais Municipality, the actors behind the scenes of the first SingularityU Portugal GIC are very proud of the end result and are committed to keep pushing innovation in Portugal in the long run and because of that, are already preparing the next step: The SingularityU Portugal Summit Cascais, a 2-day exponential conferences with over 20 speakers that will cover how exponential technologies are impacting our world and our future, will take place on October 8 & 9 at the NovaSBE Campus in Carcavelos.


And the Winners of the 1st Edition of Protechting Are..

And the Winners of the 1st Edition of Protechting Are..

Yesterday was the big day – 3 Winners and one Key Announcement in Insurance

“It won’t be an easy decision” – Since the beginning of the program, we started to see that all the determination and hard work from every team wasn’t going to help the final Jury choose the winners. In these last two weeks, as we were getting closer to the final day, our expectations grew with every pitch: pilot tests were really close to implementation, group tests inside and outside Fidelidade delivered great feedback, deals were being made and an impressive collaboration ensued between these Startups, Fidelidade/Fosun and Beta-i, propelling innovation that ultimately brings great value to our daily routines.

All this expectation was surpassed as the audience listened attentively to the final pitches – these Startups didn’t just participate in the program, they absorbed all the advice they received and turned their 2-months of hard work into a set of impressively crafted pitches.  

At 7h30PM the tough decision was made and…

The three grand winners were finally announced

EctoSense won the main prize of 10.000€ and LifeSymb and CleenBeen will join them in a Roadshow to China where they’ll have the chance to meet some of the world’s most influential investors. See at the end of this blogpost how each one of these Startups is bringing innovation to our daily lives.

We’d like to congratulate the winners and all the other amazing teams that proved to be headed in the right direction with their projects and mindsets. We would also like to give a big shout out to Fidelidade & Fosun and to all the sponsors involved – this great experience was only possible thanks to everyone that believed that there is immense value when the corporate world and Startups work together.

We also have another big announcement to make…

The Second edition of Protechting was announced

If this year’s edition is anything to go by, the second edition is poised to create great startups with products and services that will help shape the way in the insurance industry.

The Winners

  1. Ectosense leverages mobile technology to measure and analyze the user’s sleep quality in their home environment and to provide high quality insights into sleep disorders.
  2. CleenBeen Technologies aims to resolve one of the most predominant problems found today in hospital environments: bacterial/superbug and MRSA infections.
  3. LifeSymb is a high-tech startup in the mobile health sector. The first product of the company is a software that uses multiple sensors, such as 3D depth cameras and accelerometers, to analyse a person’s posture and movements in order to provide automatic health recommendations.