Lisbon Investment Summit gathered top innovators in Lisbon

This is it! We wrapped up this year’s edition of Lisbon Investment Summit, and we couldn’t be prouder of it.

It was an action-packed event where we gathered over 1500 attendees for 2 days of knowledge sharing, provocative discussions and hundreds of one-on-one meetings between top-tier investors, daring startups and the most innovative corporates.

Humanity Will Fix the Future

We kicked off #LIS (bravely, as Andrew himself put it) with a talk by Andrew Keen on the unfulfilled promises of technology – the promise that it would bring equality, boost democracy and create bridges between people. While Andrew painted a hard picture on the challenges that digitalization brought upon us, he also showed us how to fix it: through regulation, innovation and citizen engagement. The “fixing” of the future does not rest on more technology – it rests solely on our shoulders.

Investment in Portugal

We’re proud of the many good things we have heard today – from investors, industry leaders and startups – about Lisbon and our ecosystem. And thanks to Pedro Falcão, Managing Partner of LC Ventures, we have a clear picture of Investment in Portugal. Don’t worry if you missed his panel – you’ll be able to download it soon on our blog!

The VC path is not for everyone

We started the second and last day of #LIS with a familiar face – Marvin Liao, partner at 500 Startups. Marvin pointed out that there are different paths of entrepreneurship – even if you choose to not get investment, there are other ways to be an entrepreneur – by choosing to be great instead of big. Entrepreneurship is not a science or an art – it’s a practice!

#LIS Pitch Competition

Lisbon Investment Summit would not be the same without our amazing pitch competition, sponsored by GROW, which was one of the highlights of these two days – 12 amazing startups pitched on stage but there can only be one winner. The prize went to Musiversal, represented by founder André Miranda (and a Lisbon Challenge alumnus).

Take a look at some highlights of this year’s edition of Lisbon Investment Summit:

〰️ "Events like #LIS19 are the perfect example of key moments to bring together ecosystem, to nurture a culture of collaboration, to consolidate bridges between entrepreneurs, innovators and investors from different places and to celebrate the joint successes we've achieved in the last years." 〰️ quoting Pedro Rocha Vieira, Beta-i's CEO and CoFounder 🙌 🦄 👏👏👏⠀🎬 Here's a glimpse of the day 1.⠀⠀⠀#lisboninvestmentsummit #betailisbon #startuplife #entrepreneur #investor

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What You Can Expect From Lisbon Investment Summit

Lisbon Investment Summit is knocking on our doorstep – in just a couple of days, we’ll gather the best innovators in the world for 2 days of knowledge sharing and discussion in an action-packed agenda. Here is all you can expect from our slightly unexpected event!

Thought-Provoking Conversations

What happens when you get some of the most daring entrepreneurs, corporate innovators, seasoned investors and forward thinking leaders in one place? A lot of interesting conversations! They will be sparked by our amazing speakers – like Andrew Keen, best-selling author of “How To Fix the Future”, that will share his thoughts on the challenges of digitalization and how society can overcome them. Not to mention talks on how to build a strong startup community, collaboration in innovation and how investment is changing across borders.

Perfect Matches

In the event like Lisbon Investment Summit – with some of the best startups around and top-tier investors we expect to see a lot of partnerships starting. The guests will be able to take advantage of our matchmaking app to find potential clients, but in a relaxed environment like #LIS it’s easy to just strike up a conversation with the person drinking coffee next to you, and who knows? It might be your next business partner.

Girl Power

Gender equality is not just a hot theme, it is something that runs in Beta-i’s DNA. Besides our female speakers – that range from entrepreneurs to venture capitalists – don’t miss #iamremarkable workshop by Google, to empower women to own their achievements, and the book launch of “Ara the Star Engineer”, a book to encourage girls to pursue STEM careers.

Fierce Pitch Competition

Lisbon Investment Summit gives the opportunity for startups to pitch in front of a crowd of top-tier investors and corporate innovators – and these startups are ready to shine. Like Daniela Seixas, founder and CEO of TonicApp told us, winning the pitch competition gave TonicApp the exposure and access it needed to start their investment round. So we can promise they will be ready to rock that stage.


Besides our incredible panels on innovation, business and investment, #LIS is full of moments created to surprise you. Have dinner with a stranger and meet some interesting people, enjoy building your network while resting your eyes on the amazing views of the Tagus River, and ride a real-life bullicorn. Anything can happen at #LIS!

Don’t miss any of this at Lisbon Investment Summit – get your ticket (with a 35% discount) here.

Lisbon Investment Summit: Interview with Nuno Pimenta From Google

Google will be joining forces with Beta-i at Lisbon Investment Summit, where it will be the host of the Google Workshop Stage – dedicated to founders’ talks, workshops and hands-on sessions on specific technologies.

We spoke with Nuno Pimenta, Industry Head Travel, Retail & Start Ups at Google, to know more about Google’s hands-on approach to help digitize the market and its involvement in the entrepreneurial community.

RT: How do you see digitalization happening in the corporate world and how is Google contributing to it?

NP: Digitalization in the corporate world is happening though at very different paces in different industries and companies. We see that Digital Sales have been one of the main drivers of this change meaning that companies where digital already represents a bigger share of their sales are speeding up. Google has been partnering with companies from all industries to help them to take the most out of their data and to accelerate their transformation efforts.

RT: What attracted Google to partner up with Beta-i and #LIS?

NP: Start Ups, Tech and Innovation are important pillars of Google’s operation in Portugal. We’ve been partnering closely with Beta-i that has been pivotal in creating the right set up for these pillars to foster in Portugal.

RT: What will Google bring to LIS?

NP: With the Google Talks, we will (again) this year bring some of the most successful founders and CEOs of startups to share their stories and how they made it. We believe their stories are truly inspirational for both founders of new companies and experienced leaders of big corporates. Additionally, we will have very interesting sessions on Cloud and how this technology is changing the way companies operate in many aspects.

RT: Why should corporates attend LIS?

NP: Innovation (and threats)  are coming from everywhere and leaders of big corporates need to pay much closer attention to this. Lisbon Investment Summit is one of the most important events in Portugal to get a good sense of what areas are being disrupted and to find new potential partners for the future.

Get tickets for Lisbon Investment Summit and join Google in the next edition of LIS – June 6th and 7th.

Investment increased in Lisbon by 2500% – get in on the action!

Investment increased in Lisbon by 2500% – get in on the action!

It has been noted lately that even though founders do not decide where they base their company on investment flows, but that investment flows adapt to the popularity of cities chosen by founders – and it’s already showing in the city of Lisbon.

According to data from Dealroom and Startup HeatMap, Lisbon has seen an increase in investment in 2018 of > 2500% comparing to the previous year. It’s an unprecedented growth, that makes Lisbon jump 17 ranks on the European Startup HeatMap, currently ranking 5th.


According to data, the sum of investments in Lisbon was €358M, the most noteworthy companies invested being OutSystems, Unbabel, Prodsmart, Undandy and Valispace, with a percentage of 60% of foreign investors.

Impressed yet? Get in on this action: join us at Lisbon Investment Summit, a slightly unexpected startup conference gathering the most promising startups, innovators and seasoned investors in Lisbon on the 6th and 7th of June.

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