Investment increased in Lisbon by 2500% – get in on the action!

Investment increased in Lisbon by 2500% – get in on the action!

It has been noted lately that even though founders do not decide where they base their company on investment flows, but that investment flows adapt to the popularity of cities chosen by founders – and it’s already showing in the city of Lisbon.

According to data from Dealroom and Startup HeatMap, Lisbon has seen an increase in investment in 2018 of > 2500% comparing to the previous year. It’s an unprecedented growth, that makes Lisbon jump 17 ranks on the European Startup HeatMap, currently ranking 5th.


According to data, the sum of investments in Lisbon was €358M, the most noteworthy companies invested being OutSystems, Unbabel, Prodsmart, Undandy and Valispace, with a percentage of 60% of foreign investors.

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Beta-i joined forces with a bunch of smart partners to open Reactor in Oporto

Beta-i joined forces with a bunch of smart partners to open Reactor in Oporto

Yes, Porto Business School, Beta-i, Bright Pixel and Lionesa all teamed up to launch REACTOR, an ambitious project that aims to support innovation and entrepreneurship in Oporto. First presented at this year’s “Pixels Camp”, on the 28th of September, REACTOR intends to disrupt corporate innovation, by exposing them to high doses of entrepreneurs and startups, starting next November.

It’s operating base will be the North of Portugal, but the idea is to reach the rest of the country, and the European (and global) market. REACTOR’s main mission will be to promote innovation, bringing corporates, entrepreneurs and startups closer together, and allowing them access to tools as critical as consultancy, acceleration, investment, countrywide and international networks, or community, among others.

Porto Business School will be in charge of the coordination, management, and implementation of the project, very much in line with its current strategy, and all the partners will contribute with their specific know-how and skill set.

For Beta-i, “we see here a clear opportunity to create synergies, not only in the acceleration field, where we can obviously make a difference, but also as a chance to be part of a project with global reach and ambition, in a collaborative system, that will help generate critical mass around the second biggest city in Portugal. This strategy, that’s intended to create positive disruption, in the way we look at the Portuguese innovation map, is very much in line with our goals and mission as an organization, and with our plans for expansion, home and abroad”, comments Pedro Rocha Vieira, CEO, and co-founder at Beta-i.

“REACTOR represents a strong partnership, with the right players, and the proper ingredients to develop a new and ambitious innovation concept, while contributing to the development of a new innovation ecosystem, from Oporto to the world”, he adds.

Lionesa, a creative hub that harbors hundreds of companies and almost 5.000 collaborators, will act as the ‘cradle’ this project. As Lionesa likes to say, “a business that makes nothing but money is a poor business”. Henry Ford quotes still rule!

PS – if you need more information regarding REACTOR, just drop them an email, at