How To Speak Startup Lingo

Startups can sound like american college fraternities

The startupian language is not an american college fraternity glossary but… you can definitely find your favorite greek letters there as Alphas and Betas are here to stay.

If a startup is on Alpha stage, it is on its very first version, testing and finding their way through life. Naturally, Beta comes right after, looking more confident and trustworthy. Since you are more mature, some investors can even give you an allowance.

This is just the intro of the startupian ABC and since all startups speak the same language, here are a few other things I think you should know if you want to be startupian-fluent.

(Or even if you don’t know anything about it but would like to get a glimpse)

It’s a two-animal ecosystem – and one doesn’t even exist

The first – You dream about it, you want one for Christmas.

Yes, of course, it’s the unicorn.

If you are a startup, most of the times, you want to become one. With your long colored hair of over $1 billion. That’s an expensive haircut that in 2018 more than 260 startups had.

The second – you avoid it, you don’t want it in your house.

Yup, the “OMG WHAT IS THIS” Cockroach.

It is the startup that is growing gradually and progressively. It will, as a cockroach, outlive you.

It all starts with a seed.

It is the rule of life! Well, in this case it’s more about money.

Seed Money is the initial money a startup gets to start – from the founders themselves, though savings or loans, family and friends help or even external investors. Besides this, there are several other investment rounds a startup can receive.

“You’re loving Angels instead”

(Pardon my pop culture, late 90’s and early 00’s have made a come back here in the office)

Well, you will love them, as Angel Investors usually invest  in an initial moment of a startup. There is, of course, a lot of other Investors for Startups.

“What’s your Pitch, tell me what’s your Pitch”

(Told you!)

So, if you grab your online Oxford Dictionary, the 7th and my favourite definition of pitch – at least while writing this post – is “A place where a street vendor or performer stations themselves or sets up a stall.”

Now, imagine the world has transformed itself into a huge Speakers’ Corner and all places are good for you to set up your stall. It should be a concise, clarifying and captivating presentation of your startup. This is possible, especially if you are following the right tips.

Also, we’ve set up the perfect stage for a startup to set up their stall – just Apply to Pitch at #LIS19

See you there?