How Smart Cities solve sustainability problems

How Smart Cities solve sustainability problems

[fusion_text]“Grrr.. I’m done with changing tires because these streets are mined with holes!”

“I could really use this food app right now to search for a nice local place to eat but can’t waste any more mobile data… Is it possible that, in the 21st century, we still don’t have internet access on city center?”

“How is it possible that, operating in Lisbon (claimed to be one of the sunniest cities in the world), I’m spending such an important amount of my company’s budget paying high electricity bills?”


SMART OPEN LISBOA – the opportunity to fix your daily pains

Ever wondered about one of the above situations or had any similar thoughts on daily city challenges and came out with a solution for that (even if it vanished secs after the light lit)? Well, it’s time to look for that apparently non-sense or too ambitious thought and make it happen as you may have more people supporting you than you think..

Smart Open Lisboa is here for you. It was built to encourage those who want to work on solutions with real and concrete impact, as some tech giants – Cisco, PT, Lisbon city council or Turismo de Portugal –  are backing up crazy ideas being developed in such an innovative accelerator and supporting those who are ready to upgrade Lisbon’s city life.

As mentioned on our website, there are many challenges needing a modern approach and smart solutions including Mobility, Citizen Engagement, Culture and Tourism or Sustainability. Next week (July 1-2) it’s time to turn these and others urban challenges into oppportunities during the SmartOpenLisboa Hackathon taking place at Fundação Portuguesa das Comunicações.

You’ll be provided with Cisco technologies to enable your product / service development such as Cisco Spark (for team to stay in sync), CMX (deliver personalized content to mobile devices and gather customer insights), Tropo (simple way to build phone and sms applications) and others.

Is it the case that you feel the above mentioned pains, don’t have any idea about how to fix it but would still like to work on something? Take this example of how to solve sustainability problems by reading this article on Smart Cities (one of the topics that we focus the most at SOL) published (in PT, sorry for that) by Joel Curado from our partner Cisco.[/fusion_text]