Third Time’s a Charm for the Lisbon Startup Tour

Third Time’s a Charm for the Lisbon Startup Tour

Back in 2015, Paddy Cosgrave explained the reasons for Web Summit moving to Lisbon. He said it’s “for academics to figure out why in certain cities at a certain moment there’s just a great community spirit and real optimism about a better tomorrow”, adding “I saw it in incubators I visited and in the bars where I went for drinks with young entrepreneurs and investors”.

It is exactly that optimism, along with hard work, that has turned Lisbon into a melting pot for entrepreneurs. To share this with the outside world, Beta-i is bringing our third edition of The Lisbon Startup Tour, in partnership with Google, as a side-event during the week of Web Summit. Taking place on November 6th.

The tour offers five different tracks that you can choose from according to your interests. All of them feature visits to the offices of incredible startups. Take your pick from startups such as Uniplaces (raised one of the biggest series A in Europe), Talkdesk (founders made it to Forbes’ 30 under 30 list) and Unbabel (first Portuguese startup on Y Combinator), just to mention a few. For a complete overview of the different tracks and the startups involved visit the Lisbon Startup Tour site.

The Lisbon Startup Tour is a great opportunity to immerse in the startup culture, mingle with founders, hear their success stories, get to know the most noteworthy startups and hubs, and get an intimate introduction to the community hotspots of the Portuguese startup ecosystem. It is also an opportunity to live the city, walk in the entrepreneurs’ shoes and see firsthand what everyone is talking about.

Slots are limited to 25 people for each track so make sure you grab your spot by signing up here.