Lisbon Challenge Alumni: Attila

Lisbon Challenge Alumni: Attila

Present since its early stage in the USA and Europe, Attila’s co-founders traveled to Lisbon to join the fall edition 2018 of Lisbon Challenge. With a product directed at commercial banks, they made their way through Lisbon Challenge and are trying to conquer the Portuguese market.

What is your product?

Attila is an AI-based Virtual Financial Advisor able to engage retail banks’ customers in meaningful and automated financial conversations with a deep focus on customer understanding.

What made you apply to Lisbon Challenge?

The Portugal banking industry is a favorable market for Attila due to the strategic orientation of the Portuguese banks. Today they are focused, more than ever before, on improving their customer experience and customer journey’s to ensure their survival in the digital era. Lisbon Challenge represented a perfect soft landing opportunity for us in this unique and growing market.

Why is Portugal an attractive market for Attila?

Right now, is a good moment for us because the Portuguese banks are willing to do a leapfrog in their digital processes and that’s what Attila stands for: enabling banks to quickly catch up tech companies in terms of UX thanks to Machine Learning. There’s also a growing and dynamic tech ecosystem we can learn from and build partnerships with.

What are Attila’s goals for the Portuguese market?

Our main objective is to build successful case studies by finetuning our product to the needs of south European market. This represents a gateway and solid reference for the European market as a whole and the markets across the Atlantic.

What was the biggest win for Attila in the programme?

Having the opportunity to meet customers allowed us to reach a higher level of validation, adjust our value proposition and generate a pipeline of leads including top Portuguese and international Banks.

In which way Lisbon Challenge’s team helped you the best?

Lisbon Challenge’s team gave us honest and straightforward feedback that helped us challenge our ideas and plans.

What have been your biggest accomplishments since Lisbon Challenge?

Unlocking a project with one of the largest banks in Portugal – we’re very excited about it!

What is your advice for startups trying to make it in Lisbon?

Don’t hesitate to directly knock on the relevant doors, whether it be customers, partners, or investors, you will absolutely find people willing to listen and open to new ideas. Do not wait for some miracle to happen.