Lisbon Challenge: the 10-week journey is just the beginning

June 24, 2019

The 11th edition of Lisbon Challenge is officially closed! It was a long journey, from the first day and first pitch to the Demo Day at Lisbon Investment Summit, where the founders were challenged at every stage.

The different phases

For 10 weeks, the teams went through an intense program, filled with enriching content, workshops and mentoring sessions. The program is structured in four phases:

  • Validation: The founders started by validating their value proposition and gaining a better understanding of what could be their target audience and their potential needs.
  • Product And Tech: This phase meant a deep-dive into the startups’ solutions and the technology behind them, defining how is their project solving the clients’ needs better than any other out there, and designing a roadmap for product market fit.
  • Growth: At this third phase, founders learned how to talk with customers and make sure they don’t leave after trying the product – in other words, it was all about client retention and which metrics should be analyzed in order to figure it out.
  • Investment: The teams learned to understand investors, and what they are looking for. But also, what to say to investors to tell their story and secure investment.

People-centric approach

The value proposition brought by Lisbon Challenge it’s its unique people-centric approach – a Beta-i landmark.

This approach is about bringing a people-centered vision to the founders’ businesses, keeping in mind: Who are they building a solution for (getting to know their consumer), who are they building a solution with (building a team and company culture) and who they are as entrepreneurs (preparing founders’ for the future ahead).

Mentor-driven program

The Lisbon Challenge journey, taking them closer and closer to a product-market fit, is only possible thanks to the strong network of mentors, who have been through the same processes and similar experiences as entrepreneurs themselves.

Our 88 mentors, from different specialties – from branding and product to growth, from personal development to investment, have clocked in over 450+ hours of mentorship, giving the founders’ the tools they need to succeed.

The big stage at #LIS

The journey led the founders to the biggest stage in the investment arena: Lisbon Investment Summit – to an audience on national and international investors and innovators, in an event with over 1500 attendees.  

Originating from very different countries – this international cohort had startups from Portugal, UK, Italy, Ireland and USA – they took to the stage: OUTBOUND, VAIRT, FLOCK, CROWDBOOKS and SKOACH were the startups pitching.

The crowd had a say – they gave feedback live, through a form vote – and it was positive: over 50% of voters said that they wanted to meet and talk with the founders.

It’s only the beginning

For our founders, this is just the beginning – they are now ready to jump to the next stage: scaling. In the words of the team:
“We’re really proud of what we saw today. And today is just the beginning for these teams. They are already doing pilots with big corporates – all companies looking for innovative solutions should talk with these startups. They are a group of trusting, capable founders, with impactful solutions and a growth mindset. We’re excited to see the global impact they will bring in the future – we know they are ready to jump into scale.”