Top 10 Tips On Delivering a Pitch

May 15, 2019

As #LIS approaches, we’re excited to see all the startups pitching in the competition. But we understand they might be very nervous (and excited) to be pitching in front of a crowd of potential clients and investors.

So we rounded up a clipped list of tips from our team (who has seen their fair share of pitches!) directly to any nervous founder!

First things first: think of everything that could go wrong! Is it a long list? Good, now you can prepare for those things!

And now, our top 10 tips:

1. Know your audience

Know who are you pitching for: what are their pains, what are they looking for, what level of technical stuff they understand – it will help you tailor you pitch to the crowd.

2. Always use a structure

Improvising? It doesn’t work. You will end up just losing time!

3. Practice makes perfect

No one does it perfectly in one go! Practice, practice, practice. Ask for help in discovering your weaknesses, correct them and practice some more!

4. Eyes on the crowd

Have they told you “imagine the audience is naked”? It doesn’t work! What about “Just fixate on a point in the back”? No, that will make look strangely absent. Look directly to your audience, but don’t stay on the same person for a long time (that could be awkward!).

5. Stand your ground

You’re probably nervous, but jittering about will just distract you audience. When in doubt, just stand your ground – a.k.a stand in the same place in a confident pose.

6. Behaviour drives behaviour

The audience will feed off of your attitude. So smile!

7. Clean + simple works everytime

Don’t complicate the slides! Just key information and clean and simple formatting, that follows your presentation is best.

8. Strong Opening

Start strong and make an impression that will last!

9. Pitching is a one-person show

We know it’s a daunting task, but it’s really something that has to be done by one person only – or it will distract from the important stuff.

10. Listen to the questions until the end

Don’t jump the gun! Listen to the questions (an investor will make several in one go) so you have time to give a proper answer that responds to all the points they need!

And good luck!