Smart Open Lisboa Housing: Get the Bootcamp Scoop

April 5, 2019

The bootcamp is the beating heart of Smart Open Lisboa – this is where startups and partners meet and start looking into the future together.Discover our Housing bootcamp ⤵️#SmartOpenLX #SOLHousing

Publicado por Smart Open Lisboa em Quinta-feira, 4 de abril de 2019

The third edition of Smart Open Lisboa (SOL), an open-innovation programme connecting some of the most relevant players in the residential and commercial real estate sector with startups to implement innovative solutions in the city of Lisbon, finished the Bootcamp phase and chose the startups implementing pilots in Lisbon.

Where it all starts: the Bootcamp

The SOL Housing Bootcamp happened between 18th and 22nd of March and featured 19 startups selected from a batch of 95 applicants. During this time, the 19 startups had the opportunity to present themselves and to meet the partners, workshop sessions with the Beta-i team, and one-on-one meetings with the partners to really match and aligned their solutions with the partners’ needs.

The one-week Bootcamp is the central piece to the work startups and partners will do in the piloting phase, as Miguel Tânger, Co-founder and Head of Open-Innovation at Beta-i, explained:

The Bootcamp is a critical piece of the whole process because it is where startups and public and private entities meet for the first time, they try to look at the future together and find a way to pilot a solution for the future.

The selected pilots

The startups selected to join the piloting phase with the partners are Alfredo AI, Bead,Buildtoo, Enerbrain, Heptasense, Howz, idatase, Lumen Cache, MClimate, Meazon, Mycroft Mind, Nudge, Onegrid, Parquery,, WearHealth Team e Trustbill.

These startups are joining the partners and developing almost 40 pilots in the housing sector to be tested and implemented in the city of Lisbon.

It was an amazing successful Bootcamp, and the partners are interested in keeping conversations going with the startups that were not selected, to monitor their growth and eventually partner up in the future.

SOL Housing has the goal of making city management smarter and upgrade city life for Lisbon’s citizens through practical solutions. It will all culminate on the Demo Day, on the 27th of June, where the solutions found will be presented.