Let’s welcome Smart Open Lisboa Housing Bootcamp Startups

March 11, 2019

The Bootcamp for Smart Open Lisboa, Housing vertical, is starting next week. As the anticipation grows, we can finally meet all the startups that are coming for the Bootcamp.

Selection based on matching

After the applications phase, a selection of startups does a session of online pitching – showing their projects to the partners of the program and explaining how they can respond to the challenges.

The startups selected for the Bootcamp are the ones that can best respond to the challenges presented by the program and can better match their teams and technologies with the business goals of the partners.

The challenges faced

This vertical of Smart Open Lisboa – SOL Housing – focused on challenges faced in residential and commercial buildings, ranging from management of buildings, data processing and customer experience, to more sustainable solutions for management and new business models (like co-living).

Startups joining SOL Housing Bootcamp

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[item title=”Alfredo AI”]

Alfredo was designed to bring transparency to the market. It consists of an Artificial Intelligence model, which enables in-depth quantitative analysis of the property market.

Country: Portugal

Website: alfredo.pt

[item title=”Bead”]

BEAD is an IoT company developing innovative, sustainable and energy-efficient digital building solutions through infrastructure integrations and our analytics & AI platform.

Country: Germany

Website: enbead.com

[item title=”Buildtoo”]

Construction project management software for project managers and investors/owners in a cloud system that provides real-time access to all project information.

Country: Portugal

Website: buildtoo.com


[item title=”DOINN”]

Doinn is an online platform where short term rentals hosts and property managers can automatically schedule and buy services such as housekeeping and laundry, provided by high-quality and professional companies.

Country: Portugal

Website: doinn.co


[item title=”Enerbrain”]

The Enerbrain system is a “plug&play” kit that can be easily installed in every building to fine-tune energy usage in real time without any drastic changes or replacements to the existing HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) system.

Country: Italy

Website: enerbrain.com


[item title=”Heptasense”]

Heptasense is an Artificial Intelligence software that is able to recognize any threat on video and send an alert is sent to the security teams, in real-time, to act on it, and without compromising privacy.

Country: Portugal

Website: heptasense.com


[item title=”Howz”]

Howz measures the use of electricity in elderly people’s homes to build a pattern of daily behaviour and then identify unusual activity and notify the family.

Country: United Kingdom

Website: howz.com


[item title=”Idatase”]

Idatase developed NetLume, an innovation platform that solves the key problem of the “human factor” for successful IoT initiatives by integrating domain experts and business into the IoT domain.

Country: Germany

Website: idatase.de


[item title=”Lumen Cache”]

LumenCache shrinks Smart Grid features bringing them down the individual power loads inside buildings. It adds a secure, wired communication layer to the power distribution enabling every installed or plugged device to have a reliable foundation of energy management and safety.

Country: China

Website: lumencache.com


[item title=”MClimate”]

MClimate is an IoT company which changes the way people use the appliances they already have, connecting to heating and cooling devices and allowing the customer to control 70% of their electricity bill – turning any home into a smart home.

Country: Bulgaria

Website: mclimate.eu


[item title=”Meazon”]

Meazon creates an inflection point in energy efficiency & digitization services by providing cost efficient & reliable energy submetering.

Country: Greece

Website: meazon.com


[item title=”Mycroft Mind”]

Mycroft Mind developed a DeepGrid platform that collects and processes data from smart metering and smart grid infrastructures, maximizing the analytics and insights to existing sensor networks.

Country: Czech Republic

Website: mycroftmind.com[/item]

[item title=”Nice Visions”]

Nice Visions makes customizable solar facade tiles for sensitive urban areas, combining solar cells and sustainable energy production and merging it with aesthetics.

Country: Slovakia

Website: hello.nicevisions.com


[item title=”Nudge Portugal”]

Interventions that consist in small changes in the context of decision-making that influence economic behavior in a predictable and automatic way.

Country: Portugal

Website: nudgeportugal.com


[item title=”Onegrid”]

ONEGRID is an energy management platform that eliminates electric energy waste, which reduces the electric energy bill in up to 40%.

Country: Brazil

Website: onegrid.co


[item title=”Parquery”]

Via innovative computer vision and deep learning algorithms, Parquery analyses images to detect objects from any camera and to provide real-time information to mobility operators in the smart city.

Country: Switzerland

Website: parquery.com


[item title=”Proximi.io”]

Proximi.io is the only technology-agnostic platform that combines all indoor and outdoor mobile positioning under a shared ecosystem, combining together not only all the technologies but also all the different use cases for location data.

Country: Finland

Website: proximi.io


[item title=”Trustbill”]

Trustbill is an app that manages utility bills for European families, by identifying the best value deal for each family given their consumption pattern and switching them to it, thus helping families reduce their monthly household costs.

Country: Portugal

Website: trustbill.pt [/item]

[item title=”WearHealth”]

Wear health uses off-the-shelf wearable and IoT devices from partners and proprietary cognitive technologies to build an intelligent system that can detect, prevent and predict safety and health risks of workers.

Country: Germany

Website: wearhealth.com