Meet the Beta-i Team: Francisca Pereira

March 7, 2019

The Beta-i team keeps growing! Get to know our team, starting with Francisca, from our Education team!


Where did you meet Beta-i for the first time?

A good friend of mine, Mafalda Paiva Chaves, worked at Beta-i and invited me for one of the famous TGIF. I came over, drank a few beers and talked with very interesting people from the team. Loved the vibe since day one!

What do you do at Beta-i?

I manage education programs for different age groups, but currently, my main projects are focused on executive education and university students. However, I also work on developing content around personal development skills for kids and teenagers. The goal is to promote the inward and outward personal exploration, allowing students to develop the awareness, confidence, and knowledge to invest in their own talents.

What is the biggest challenge?

Explain to other people what I do! (laughs). This area is pretty recent in the company and even more in the market, having all the benefits and struggles of a first mover. We started as a small team where all of us needed to do a bit of everything, adapt rapidly and be open to doing (a lot) of things that we haven’t done before. Now we are growing and have the opportunity to focus on specific goals within the Education spectrum.

What is your favorite thing at Beta-i?

Beta-i is always open to try new things and gives space for people to dream while putting them in charge of making the dreams a reality. You have the room to create but you are also responsible for materializing your ideas. If you fail it’s ok, as long as you learn and improve with your failures.

I’m known at Beta-i for…

Making bold questions and giving assertive opinions.

What people don’t know about me:

I’m a firm believer in the power of personal development to live a fulfilled life! So I try to dedicate time each day to work on my personal growth. Currently, this means waking up one hour earlier during the week to read a book (I am a huge fan of the app blinkist, because I can read the highlights of one entire book in a morning), reflect on new learnings and commitments, meditate and exercise. Sometimes I can’t do all of them, but I try to commit to at least two of these activities per day.