5 reasons you should attend Lisbon Investment Summit #LIS

February 4, 2019

The Lisbon Investment Summit, also known as #LIS, will be back on 6th and 7th of June to our sunny city. The surprisingly informal and slightly unexpected startup conference will bring together the best startups and investors. Here are the top reasons why you don’t wanna miss it!

1. #nobullshit

This is the event’s motto and the main reason why you don’t wanna miss #LIS. This is not an event that appeals to vanity, there’s no fancy clothes, intro or awards – it aims for real content and people with valuable knowledge in their fields.

As Aptoide said: “#LIS is an environment where things happen. During lunch, we casually met a potential investor that ended up leading our Series A round of investment. This was a crucial milestone that ultimately helped us to reach over 3 billion downloads and over 140 million users.

2. People

Lisbon Investment Summit is an event with a perfect mix of people: the most daring startups, seasoned and savvy investors and most innovative corporate executives. This makes for unique conversations and an open and collaborative mindset. At every corner you’ll have the chance to meet someone inspiring and innovative, and who knows? Maybe they’ll be your next business partner, or better yet, a friend.

3. Startup Pitch Competition

If you’re a startup, you’ll want to apply to the startup pitch competition. Even though the event has an investor-packed crowd, on the competition you’ll have undivided attention, and pitch next to the best and most innovative startups in the scene.

You’re eligible for the competition by purchasing startup tickets to attend – hurry up and get an early bird Founder 2×1 ticket – and filling out a form.

If you’re an investor, here’s the place to see all the up-and-coming startups in the same place.

4. Environment

Ask anyone who has attended previous editions – Lisbon Investment Summit has one of the best floors out there. It’s completely informal, and conversations (and business deals) just flow organically. The event prides itself on being a place where investors don’t hide their badges, and that’s because of the open and collaborative environment created by every person there. You don’t attend #LIS, you are part of #LIS.

5. City of Lisbon

Dinner with strangers in a trendy restaurant? Networking on a boat across the Tagus river with a view of the city? Hell, yeah! Part of the reason Lisbon Investment Summit has such a cool ambiance it’s because of its amazing backdrop: the lively and welcoming city of Lisbon. We’re not psychics but we predict sunny weather, warm temperatures, amazing sights, and exciting side events. Oh, and of course, a bustling and thriving startup ecosystem that you’ll get to know and connect with!

Excited yet? Claim your #LIS tickets here!

Or take a look at the dreamy photos of last year’s edition in the gallery below!

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