Do you want to invest in Portugal? This is what you need to know!

January 24, 2019

Last December, the investor community gathered at the Business Angel Summit.

It’s an event dedicated to sharing the knowledge between investors, with panels from experienced investors and VC partners. They shared how they are investing and why they are doing it that way at The Investors’ Academy, but also their biggest mistakes in a side event called F*ckup Nights. The conference followed with panels on the investments trends in Portugal and Europe, and also the investment landscape.

Pedro Falcão, a managing partner at LC Ventures, presented an overview of the investment landscape in Portugal and future opportunities. Click below to download the report Venture Capital in Portugal 2018 and get the scoop on all the information you need to know if you plan to invest in Portugal.


Are you interested in learning more about investment? The next Investors’ Academy will happen at #LIS, the Lisbon Investment Summit, an informal but action-packed event. The 7th edition is coming to sunny Lisbon on June 6-7th – get to know it here.