January 21, 2019

Are you wondering which techs will grow exponentially in 2019 and disrupt industries? Wait no more, scroll down and see the top 5 tech trends for 2019!

1. Blockchain beyond crypto

When we hear “blockchain”, we automatically think about cryptocurrency. Because it is the technology that enables cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, litecoin, ether, etc, the spotlight has been on it, but there are many use cases where the distributed ledger technology can be applied to improve business processes.

Blockchain is a secure system for recording and verifying transactions and storing trusted records and it has the potential to disrupt enterprises in many industries. Companies are using Blockchain technology to transform time-consuming, centralized, less reliable and less secure systems.

Finance is easily mentioned as the first industry that will be disrupted by blockchain, but there are other challenges that can be worked on with blockchain, like transparency of supply chains, the streamlining of processes and new sharing economies that can be useful to the food industry, the fashion industry, and even the energy sector.

2. Space is the new frontier (again)

If you’re a fan of JFK’s inspirational “Moon Speech”, you’ll be glad to know that the space run is about the enter the political agenda (again).

This year began with China landing on the dark side of the moon. And they probably won’t be the only ones. Besides Americans, there are moon missions also coming from India, Israel, and Japan.

Romantic, inspiring speeches are not guaranteed, but the investment in this field brings technological innovations that will then trickle down into other industries – we’re still reaping the benefits of the 60’s space run – we can thank it for artificial limbs, satellite TV, water purifier, freeze-dried food, and memory foam!

3. Wellness and Health get blurred

Beauty has been linked to health – healthy skin, hair, nails… – and beauty is ready to embrace technology to bring complete personalization to customers.

Beauty and skincare brands are using technological advances (like 3D face scanning and AI) to offer consumers completely tailored and unique recommendations and products for their skin’s needs.

A growing understanding of hormones’ role in every system of the body, affecting everything from your heart health to your sleep quality, is making for a boom in the market for home testing: which collects consumers data and then provides explained results and recommendations, with several consumers finding this option more affordable than traditional healthcare and opting to consult a doctor only after abnormal test results with the home kit.

Wellness aficionados are already using IV drips to boost their immune system, curing hangovers and boosting their skin with nutrients and vitamins, with several new locations offering these services.

All in all, with consumer’s knowledge improving and an explosion of wearables that will net us measure our own biometric data, treatments previously available only through doctor’s appointments are now being available directly to consumer’s, who are taking their health and well being into their own hands (thanks, Gwyneth Paltrow!).

4. Mobility continues to go green

The path to a greener city living will continue to flourish in 2019 (see what I did there?). Electrification will be reaching fleets of vehicles, like public transportation. Unlike individual electric car owners, public transportation has static routes and is predictable, and an infrastructure that is easy to build and plan for.  Buses and trucks are also more polluting and have a long-term financial payoff for going electric – which makes them a perfect a perfect choice to “electrify”.

Also, governmental pushes to introduce more eco-friendly programmes, coupled with more electrical options – bikes and scooters -, and civic movements for sustainability and zero waste living will work towards a greener city living.

5. R+ gets to more apps and devices

Realities will get a big plus this year! Even though this is a technology that has been getting traction for some years now, only now are we realizing all its potential – and how to integrate it.

There is a value in taking the digital world and the physical world and bringing them together in meaningful ways. AR/VR will be used not only for gaming and entertainment purposes but also in everyday practical life.

It is already being used in education (to train doctors, nurses, teachers, and police officers) and it has a range of uses, from entertainment to commerce, from medicine to the military.

It will become even more interesting once it starts being connected with other input methods: combining things like eye tracking, voice recognition, hand gestures, finger bone tracking to create a truly immersive experience.

In 2019, enterprises will be expected to take advantage of its potential to lift efficiency or better communicate with its stakeholders.

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