Meet the 14 Startups selected for Smart Open Lisboa

July 24, 2018

The third edition of Smart Open Lisboa has already selected the 14 startups that will work side by side with the partners. All of them have proven to be what Lisbon needs right now in terms of mobility after the 5-day bootcamp.

The selected startups are AppyParking (United Kingdom), AIPARK (Germany), CardioID Technologies (Portugal), e-floater (Germany), eccocar (Spain), Idatase (Germany), LifePoints (Canada), Meep App (Spain), MotionTag (Germany), Parkio (Portugal), Shotl (Spain), Third Space Auto (United Kingdom), Wall-i (Portugal) and Xesol Innovation (Spain).

Tiago Farias, President and CEO at Carris, said that “Carris is pretty excited with the results of the program so far, mainly due to the startup’s quality and because it is focused on mobility”.

The first phase as well as the pilots begins on September 16 and will last until November 15, when the “Demo Day” is happening. On that day the final results will be presented. It is important to mention that EVERY startup will end up with some kind of partnership for a near or distant future. That partnership can even be on a different city and another context. Proving that nowadays open innovation programs are way more than just the experience.