Three Really Good Reasons to Attend #LIS 18

May 23, 2018

The Norwegian writer Erling Kagge describes boredom as experiential poverty. By that he means that, when we find ourselves either lacking or overstimulated from experiences (e.g. never going out vs going out every night for a week), our brain specifically tells us, and this is a technical term, “your life sucks”.

From my personal experience, this tends to happen with a lot of events. It’s either the same old “sit and listen” format, or an excess of lighting shows and music that makes you feel like you’re at a club at 11am on a Tuesday. I’ve been building and hosting events for a couple of years now and the truth is, I’m guilty of this as well. We all are. Building a sweet ass event that leaves people happy, inspired, hopeful and enthused, is hard. Like, really hard. And it takes time.

With this in mind, I woke up today thinking “if there were 3 really good reasons to attend the Lisbon Investment Summit”, what would they be? And could I put it in words? And why am I late for work already?

Anyway, here are 3 really good reasons for you to attend #LIS 18.

  1. Less Is More

There’s always immense pressure to put out the most content possible, to have a full room at all times and to deploy a non-stop experience. But this year we’re going to remove that pressure (which is mostly self imposed) by simply trimming down and focusing on what makes #LIS unique: an intimate, chilled, stress-free and sunny space for entrepreneurs,  investors and executives to connect.

  1. We Bring Top Notch, Killer Speakers

If you look at our recent speaker rosters (2017 or 2018) you’ll see one common trend: these are some really kickass people. From the heads of some of the best VCs around, to rising star entrepreneurs and experienced innovators, we focus on bringing on stage the most interesting people out there. It’s just not people you’ll see on Youtube.

  1. Save Yourself a Sea of Trips

Are you based in Europe? Think about this: imagine you want to pitch Marvin Liao from 500 Startups. How much would a flight to San Francisco cost you, including a hotel? Or imagine you want to pitch Jenny Fielding from Techstars in New York, how much would that cost? By coming to #LIS, you can meet them and over 250 other investors and entrepreneurs, for a fraction of the cost. We’re literally saving you time and money.

If this got your blood pumping and the juices flowing, get a ticket now before prices go up (or we run out. We cap it at 2000 people).

I want tojoin #LIS 18