Meet the Top Investors attending Lisbon Investment Summit

May 16, 2018

If you stop to think you’ll realize that life’s all about lists. You have the to-do lists, the supermarket lists, the pros and cons lists. Making lists make us feel we’re in control and that we are making the right decisions.

And because we know that, last week we gave you a list of 25 investors you couldn’t miss at Lisbon Investment Summit – or that maybe you’d like to reconnect with -, but the event has way more people and each one important on its own way.

So we decided to make an even bigger list focused, once again, on investors but dividing them according to their preferences when it comes to investment stages. Check their photos on the gallery, so you make sure you don’t reach out to the wrong person.


Institutional Investors

Patric Gresko – Head of Division – Innovation and Technology Investments at EIF


Angel Investors

Paola Bonomo – Non Executive Director & Angel Investor at Italian Angels for Growth

Pedro Bandeira – Founder CEO at Red Angels

Francisco Pinto – Executive Director at Busy Angel

Maurizio Calcopietro – Investor at Curitiba Angels


Early Stage Deep Tech

Gil DibnerFounder  Managing Partner at Angular Ventures

Stephan Morais – Managing General Partner at  Indico Capital Partners

Ton van’t Noordende – Deeptech Investor & CEO at 01 Ventures

Liz Fleming – Principal at Adara Ventures

Pedro Ribeiro Santos – Partner at Armilar Venture Partners


Early Stage

Jaime Novoa – Investor at KFund

Pedro Falcão – Managing Partner at LC Ventures

Philipp Moehring – Venture Hacker at Angellist

Ben Marrel –  Founding Partner at Breega

Laura Roguet – Associate at Korelya Capital

Pierre Yves Meerschman – Co-founder & investor at Daphni

Stephanie Hospital – Founder at OneRagtime

Andrew J Scott – Founding Partner at 7percent Ventures

Sean Seton-Rogers – Partner with PROfounders

Alexandre Flamant – Investor at Notion Capital

Prasad Vanga – Founder & CEO at Anthill Ventures

Joao Kepler Braga – Partner at Bossa Nova Investimentos

Daniel Ibri – Co-founder and Partner at Mindset Ventures

Javier Torremocha – Founding Partner – Kibo Ventures

Gonzalo Tradacete – CEO at Faraday Ventures Partners  


Sector Specific

Alexandre Santos –  Chief Investment Officer at SONAE IM

Maria Antonia Saldanha – Director of PAYFORWARD Innovation Program at SIBS

Richard Muirhead – Founding Partner at Fabric Ventures

José del Barrio – CEO and Founder Samaipata Ventures

Ellen Bark-Lindhout – Co founder at Collider

Celso Martinho – CEO and Founding Partner at Bright Pixel

Valentina Milanova – Venture Associate at Founder Factory

Ricardo Sequerra – Principal at Cherry Ventures

Roberto Saint-Malo – Managing Partner at BetaAngels

François-Xavier Dedde – Investment Manager at Omnes Capital

António Miguel –  Managing Director at Maze Impact

Orson Stadler – Principal at Mustard Seed VC

Marco Fernandes– President at PME Investimentos

Henrique Gomes – Investment Analyst – Novabase capital

Walter Palma – Investment Direct at Caixa Capital



Later Stage Investors

Nicolas Debock IDinvest

Felix Petersen – Managing Director Europe at Samsung Next

Tobias Schirmer – Managing Partner at Join Capital

Elliot O’Connor – Investor at Firstminute capital

Matthew Weigand – Principal at Accel Partners

Ashley Carroll – Partner at Social Capital


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