Get ready for an intense week in Lisbon

October 25, 2017

The Web Summit, and with it an exciting week, is about to take Lisbon by storm. The entire city is preparing to welcome 60,000+ attendees and 1,000+ speakers from 160+ countries. In addition to the tech conference, there are countless satellite events, such as workshops, meetups, and parties.

The week can be overwhelming, there are too many cool events, interesting people and new business opportunities, and not enough time to tend to all of them. It can be difficult to navigate through all that’s going on. For you to get the most out of your stay in Lisbon we have compiled a list of all the events happening during the week.

The type of events vary widely. Some are meant to give you an introduction to the city and the Portuguese ecosystem, such as the Street Art Tour, Secret Food Tours and Lisbon Startup Tour. Some offer meetups and workshops on specific topics and interests, allowing you to learn, develop your skills, and broaden your perspectives, such as Public Speaking Trainings and ntop and Wireshark Users Group Meeting. And some are just meant for you to hang out and party, such as WSCO 17 Web Summit Chill Out and Funky Party by La French Tech and Beta-i.

Go ahead, take a look at the various events happening in Lisbon. They present endless possibilities for networking to create global connections. All you have to do is decide which one best fits your needs, take note and show up. Maybe we’ll see you there?

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