Meet the Hustlers at the Hub

September 12, 2017

At Beta-i, we are surrounded by awesome startups and incredible founders, day in and day out. Change is a constant in the daily life of an entrepreneur, which is why we want to update you on some of the startups at our Hub.


The founders of Petable made their vision a reality, a networking platform for veterinarians. In 2015, Petable participated in several acceleration programs, including the Lisbon challenge and Deloitte Digital Disruptors. After obtaining feedback directly from veterinarian clinics, they realised the need to adjust their idea. Several tweaks later, Petable became what it is today: a platform for pet owners to keep their pets healthy. It contains medical incidents, appointments, body condition record, vaccines and deworming-health plans. Petable advocates the importance of being part of an entrepreneurial hub, highlighting the sharing and support within the community and avoiding ‘tunnel vision’. Today, their platform has 60k pet owners and 300 veterinary clinics.

We first got to know in our flagship program, Lisbon Challenge. Their idea was lacking in several areas, forcing them to pivot. With new learnings in their pocket, they applied to another program of ours, Smart Open Lisboa. In the program, they addressed the large quantity of requests and questions facing Lisbon Municipality (CML). The result was a platform combining a ChatBot with human messaging. The project was a success and CML is still using the system today. The founders realised, “if it works for CML, it should work for others too”, and long story short, was born. Their selling point is high-quality, automated responses. Decreasing company costs and increasing customer satisfaction through lower response times. Since then, has participated in several other acceleration programs such as Protechting, The Journey and Startup Chile. Recently, they have received funding, grown to a team of 6 talented people, and consider themselves on the right track to break even. 

Future Fuel

Future Fuel was born in Boston, US, and is currently operating from there and from Lisbon. Future Fuel addresses one of the major problems facing young career starters (particularly in the US) – a huge amount of debt accumulated from their time at university. They offer students debt repayment as a service, empowering employers to offer it as a new employee benefit. Being located in Lisbon offers several benefits to Future Fuel, allowing scalable and cheaper hiring. Moreover, being part of accelerator programs such as the Startup Bootcamp and Lisbon Challenge has helped the team in terms of networking and exposure to partners and sponsors. Future Fuel has already had two investment rounds and is continually raising capital for future expansions. 


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