Prio Jump Start: 6 Startup Challenges That Will Jump Start Your Business

March 23, 2017

At Beta-i we see entrepreneurs come and go, every day. However, there is one question we get very often:

Which industries will disrupt the future?

This question is not that difficult to answer. Just like Steve Case’s new book, The Third Wave, puts it, we’re about to enter a new era of technology which will take us to disrupt complex industries. What are these industries you ask? Well, we’re talking about healthcare, banking, energy, industrial production, or food and beverage.

The thing is, it will be more difficult for startups to tap into these industries because they are over regulated, complex, and expensive. So, what can you do as an entrepreneur? One of the tricks you can definitely pull is getting partnerships with big companies, at the right time of your product development.

This brings me to one of our startup programs, Prio’s Jump Start, a 3-day Bootcamp followed by a pilot to test the best solutions, in real life, with Prio. Prio is one of the fastest growing energy companies in Portugal. In just 10 years, they became one of the 40 biggest companies in Portugal. Over the past few years, they’ve been focusing a lot on how to improve urban mobility and on renewable energies, and now they want to support innovation by working closely with startups.

So, which kind of startups is Prio looking for?

Remember, those complex industries which technology will disrupt in the future? Well, some of them are part of the challenges of Prio.

1. Energy

Energy is the source for almost everything we do. However, we need to adapt our consumption if you want to save the planet. Climate Change is at our doorstep and we need to focus on renewable alternatives for the future. We’re talking about startups working on electric mobility, on car sharing, on smart grid solutions, or just thinking of the fueling stations of the future. How will we move from place to another in the future? Which sources of energy will we use? If you’re developing a product that answers these questions, find out more about it here.

2. Industrial Production

Everything we use, eat, or wear is produced in factories nowadays. These manufacturers need to be more and more efficient if they want to deliver their products to a growing population. This includes looking at the internet of things, artificial intelligence, manufacturing robots, or predictive maintenance. Any product that helps us produce the products of the future faster and better. Are you working on products to improve manufacturing? Then, find out how Prio can support you here.

3. Retail

How will buy your products in the future? How will we manage stock? There are many different startups looking at this industry, however, it’s crucial to find new customers, meaning, big retail companies. Prio is looking for this kind of startups. Startups looking at in-store retail tech, stock management, customer flow, or even smart video surveillance, have a chance to nail a big partner in this sector. Find out how, right here.

4. Loyalty Marketing

Marketing is always looking at new technologies to better reach out to customers. However, getting new customers is one thing, getting them to come back is another. Especially, when we’re talking about offline stores you need to come up with new strategies to better engage with customers and keep them coming. This is where loyalty marketing comes in. We’re talking about loyalty card management, or reward systems, that can be extremely helpful to big companies such as Prio. Find out how to test your solution in real life right here.

5. Distribution

When you order something you’re always trying to figure out where your delivery is, when should you expect it to arrive, if everything you ordered is going to be in the package, etc.  Distribution is a hassle, but it’s also very crucial to keep customers happy, and great businesses running. For companies like Prio, optimizing their delivery systems is essential. This includes products which track the delivery, which check for route optimization or even manage the orders and fleets. Find out more about here.

6. Big Data and Customer Behaviour

Understanding customers is highly relevant for any business. In a time where information plays a crucial role, finding out who your customers are is easier than ever. We’re talking about products that are focused on big data, client behavior analysis, or aggregation of customer data. With Prio you can improve your solution by testing it with one of the main companies in Portugal. Find out all about it right here.