Smart Open Lisboa: Building the City of Future

February 13, 2017

The second edition of Smart Open Lisboa is about to take off.

We want to build the city of the future. Ambitious? Well, yes. But, the thing is, we have the perfect location, the right partners, and great talent. So, instead of building products that we don’t need, we’ll be building products that will change the lives of millions of people.

We’ll shape the future of Lisbon, like never before. We’ll put technology to work and set the example to the world.

Today, we’re proud to launch the second edition of Smart Open Lisboa, a startup program on smart cities and open data that will shape to the future of our city.

Thanks to Lisbon’s City Council, Made of Lisboa, Turismo de Portugal, Portugal Telecom, Cisco, Brisa, Sharing Cities, Masai, and EPAL, we’ll be improving Lisbon, one step at a time.   

The partners of this program will be providing crazy amounts of data to the startups, mentoring, contacts and push great ideas forward. The startups will have data like how many people live in Lisbon, their age profile, crime statistics, traffic statistics, signal coverage, wifi coverage, water supply, public transportation and much more. They’ll get to work with powerful partners that are currently shaping the way we live in Lisbon and get their help to build better products.

After careful thought, we came down to 4 areas of focus: mobility, citizen engagement, tourism and culture, and sustainability. If you’re working in these areas and are interested in implementing your solution in real-life let us know!

Check out the Smart Open Lisboa website to find out more.