Rnters: Why renting is better than buying

October 10, 2016

This is a guest blogpost by Guilherme Guerra, co-founder of Rnters, one of our Lisbon Challenge alumni. They have just launched their new platform and they want to tell the whole story behind it.

“It all began when I was travelling around Southeast Asia. I took my surfboard to Bali but had to ditch it before heading to Laos. It didn’t make any sense: why couldn’t I just have rented one?”

Guilherme Guerra, Founder

Rnters was born out of frustration with a problem that many of us face: we only need some goods for a small period of time, afterwards they become idle. In these circumstances, why buy when you can rent? And what about the stuff you’ve already bought that’s just laying around the house? Wouldn’t it be nice to put it to good use?

Now you can, rnters.com is live and you can use it to make money from the things you own and save money by choosing to rent, rather than buy, the things you need. What sort of things you may ask? Almost anything. So far we’ve rented bikes, phones, household appliances, camping gear and items for catering and events. With the exception of motorised vehicles and real estate we welcome anything on our platform.

The Rnters team

The Rnters team

And what if you can’t find what you want?

Don’t worry, we’ll find it for you. Chat with us on rnters.com, Facebook or email us at info@rnters.pt and we’ll help you.

What about safety? Will your things be ok?

Sure, we protect the owner! All payments require identification and the use of a credit card. We’ve got your back.

Renting is all about the upside: you can save money, make money, reduce futile consumption and be a friend to the environment. What else can you ask for?