Why Pixels Camp is Such a Big Deal

September 14, 2016

I first heard of Pixels Camp about a month ago, when Celso Martinho invited us to Bright Pixel for a meeting. I knew very little about the event, just that it was supposedly Europe’s biggest hackathon, from what Ricardo Marvão, co-founder of Beta-i, had told me. That was pretty much it.

However, for over an hour, Celso Martinho and Nuno Loureiro from Bright Pixel, laid down the cards and briefed us on the whole thing, and I suddenly understood why Pixels Camp was such a big deal.

Many people say the word ‘hackathon’ with their mouths full of… well, I’m not gonna say it, but feel free to take a wild guess. It just happens to be cool, nowadays, to create a ‘coding frenzy’ or a ‘programming fest’, and to obviously assume that developers love Star Wars, Mr Robot and Big Bang Theory (well, I skipped GoT on purpose here). It’s not that these TV shows and these so called ‘hackathons’ aren’t good, it’s just that it’s embarrassing when they call for ‘rockstar developers’, ‘coding ninjas’ or ‘hacking jedis’ to join them in a ‘24 hour marathon’, where they’ll code until their eyes fall out of focus.

So, what can you expect from Pixels Camp? Few spoilers and no clichés.This is an event for the tech community, hosted in one of Lisbon’s most creative spots, Lx Factory.

For 3 days will have cool talks on emerging technologies, approved by the community, insightful workshops with top creative speakers, and a 48 hour programming competition.

This is not just a hackathon, this is a challenge, that you’re either willing to take, or not, it’s entirely up to you.

You can apply to participate and secure your free entrance, but only the most talented will be accepted. You can also apply to give a talk, through Github, if you feel like covering an interesting topic.

Or if you want to be part of the team behind Pixels Camp, apply here as a volunteer.

We have great partners on board, such as NOS, Feedzai, Talkdesk, Github, Microsoft, Outsystems, Cisco, and many others, as well as plenty of surprises ahead.

Check out our website right here and subscribe to the newsletter to get our exclusive updates.

This is just the beginning. You have no idea, what’s coming your way…

This blogpost was initially published on the Pixels Camp Medium.